Thursday, June 14, 2007

You Know Who I Haven't Heard About In A While?

Paris Hilton.

*eye roll*

Wouldn't you love to see her come out of this and finally suck it up and behave like the intensely brilliant businesswoman that you know she HAS TO be? I mean, zero marketable skills and she's everywhere - I refuse to believe she's just another dumb blonde. Stupid like a fox. (But better yet, wouldn't you love to see her come out of this......and go away?)

In other vital news: Travis has officially had his Man Card revoked. I'm exceedingly fortunate in that I married a man who really could give a damn about the conventionalities of manhood. He's a mechanic by profession, yes. He's a dirtbiker, sure. But he marched into work today, stashed his Urban Gentleman's Bag (*cough*man-purse*cough*) in his tool box, put his headband on to keep his hair out of his face, and got to work. At lunch, when everyone finished eating their wings at Gator's, he looked around, took a deep breath, crossed his legs, and pulled out his sock. He knit one needle in complete silence. He started a second needle. And then someone exhaled:

"Dude. You are GAY."

Yep. Just like the Harlot says - CHOKE is everywhere, and they want to take you down. As hard as it is for the rest of us, try being a man in what can be a very masculine (read: homophobic) industry and whipping out the knitting. Maybe for good measure you should throw out there that you met your wife at the theatre, where you were actually IN the show. There's no good way to be a headband-wearing bag-carrying theatre-performing sock-knitting straight mechanic. Just no way. And when one of the other mechanics decided to verify Travis' sexual status with the waitress by pointing out Travis' knitting and asking her, "How gay is that?" she immediately looked away, wide-eyed, pursed her lips, and declared, "Well, it's what he likes to do, I guess." Damn. I hope he didn't tip her. :-|

And despite all my offers to let his coworkers know that I have it on very good authority that Travis is all kinds of not gay (oh, so very, very ungay,) he's completely indifferent to their opinions. I love his level of confidence - it's so butch!!

(And I think seeing the enormous burly man covered in tattoos sitting with his wife at the Harlot's talk while knitting away on a fuzzy orange novelty yarn scarf really helped him a lot.)

He's also very nearly done with his first little sock! I'll be showing him kitchener any minute. (Which is why it's 1:00 a.m. and I'm still up. I don't think he can handle going to sleep until it's finished.)

The honeymoon photos are all uploaded! I treated the Flickr set like a photojournal, so there are captions for most everything. (I forgot to include that we saw Knocked Up in Whistler, and it was really completely wonderful.) Anyway, if you want to see some or all of the two hundred and fifty three photos I put up, you may do so here.

For the fiber lovers:

The Haul

Here's everything I hauled away with me from the trip, at least from a fiber standpoint. (I may have also done some rather serious damage to about three or four separate Roots stores.) I have better photos of each little bit of haul in the Flickr set, and I'll probably save some of my favorites for Friday, what with me being an unauthorized Yarn Porn Friday participant and all.

(And with that final sentence, I just made sure that a Google for "gay porn" could lead here. Awesome.)

Fiber-related highlights:

Travis shows off his hat

Travis' first finished object! He knit a hat, mostly (I cast on and did the ribbing) which he then donated to the Hats for Charity lady at the Harlot's talk. We didn't do decreases for this one - deadline and whatnot.)

Travis' hat that he knit all by himself!

Travis' second finished object! (Second verse, mighty similar to the first!) This one he did 100% himself - he did the cast on, the ribbing, the decreases, all of it!

the decreases on Travis' hat

The stitches and decreases look so good, don't they!? Shout out, tell Travis what a great knitter he is and how sad and wonky your second-ever knit was! (My second ever knit was probably a garter scarf, much like my third, fourth, and fifth ever knits - he's already WAY ahead of me.)

He just kitchenered the toe on that sock and wove in the ends! I'll take photos and share those later, along with some more Harlot photos and other stuff. I'd do all that now - but it's 1:30 a.m., and I'm a sleepy teacher.