Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Home Again

Edited to add: Holy crap, I make two appearances on the Harlot blog (that's me photographing a sock in the wild, too, and I love that she photographed me from the side because that's my thinnest angle.) If you're here from Steph's blog: Hi, thanks for linking!

I'm not sure I could create much in the way of nice linear thoughts right now; my brain ends are all frazzly. I have over 200 photos from the honeymoon and I'm working on getting them all uploaded. Obviously I'm not going to post 200 photos in a blog, but I will post those that you're interested in (read: my Harlot-stalking experiences, which continued well into Sunday) and link to the Flickr photoset for the rest.

Now, for some nice brain-friendly lists.

Things I Like:
*Saying "husband"
*Travis taking up knitting again and starting his first sock
*Travis' hats (plural!) that he knitted
*The following conversation:
Harlot: Oh, where do you blog at?
Me: Blogspot - terribleknitknit.
Harlot: Terribleknitknit? I know who you are.
Me: *sound of my head hitting the concrete floor*

*Smarties (real ones, not the crappy ones we have in the US)
*Unbelievably wonderful Mormon folk who return the cell phone I left in their van during a tour of the temple square in Salt Lake City
*Having about 300 blog posts to cover - I'll be buried in Bloglines for a good long while.
*Taking a shower after 24 hours bouncing from airport to airport
*Having some FOs and half-FOs (a pair of socks and a half-pair of socks) to show for all the travel time

Things I Do Not Like:
*Getting up to go to work after a long time not doing that
*My house smelling kinda funny when I get home
*Throwing out smooshy things I'm pretty sure used to be veggies that rotted while I was gone and made the house smell kinda funny
*Brodie gaining a hundred or so pounds while we were gone. (He's big for his breed to begin with, but apparently he dealt with the loss of his family for a week by eating everything he could find. Someone in the neighborhood is missing their dog, and I'm worried Brodie might have eaten her.)
*Having not responded to a single comment in two weeks (though I love them all and thank you for all your wonderful sweet words and for making me laugh)
*No longer having someone make the bed each morning and turn down the sheets each night
*The cancellation of tonight's Lily Allen concert, to which I was SO looking forward.

Things That Amuse Me To No End:
*Travis muttering right before going to sleep, "I can't stop thinking about my sock."
*The Soup (I love you, Joel McHale!!)
*My cat crying to be let into the wool room now that I'm back
*The final picture I took of Stephanie on Sunday at the Knit-Out, where she looks like she really just wishes I'd stop taking pictures of her (I can't help it! She was wearing the Bohus, and I was smitten.)

Things I Spent Too Much Money On:
*The Knit-Out - I might have bought a few items. And by "few", I do mean several dozen. (But some of them aren't for me. And by "some", I mean two.)
*Ferry reservations (Turns out they're, essentially, completely unnecessary and just add 18 bucks to the cost of the trip, each way.)
*Booze - I think we drank more on this trip than we have in the last two years, collectively and combined.

Photos soon - I only have about another 50 to adjust and upload. Maybe tomorrow?