Sunday, June 24, 2007

What's Goin' On (what's goin' on)

It's been a lot about the spinning, huh? I've been working on knitting stuff, too, but I haven't really shown anything. It's all in progress, but I figure I could post pictures of the project bags to prove that I do still knit sometimes...

In Progress #1

Here's Green Gable. It's a quick knit if you're anyone else, but since it's my here-and-there project, it's not going as quickly as possible. I think I have plenty of yarn, so I'll probably modify the pattern to have above-the-elbow sleeves to make it appropriate for work. (For no particular reason, I don't like wearing sleeveless or cap-sleeved things to the office.)

In Progress #3

Here's one Gryffindor sock, patterned in my standard "just wingin' it" style. I really love the yarn; these just have to be done by you-know-when in time for you-know-what.

In Progress #2

I *finally* started my Sockapalooza pal's socks. I went through several different ideas before I settled on Cabin Cove yarn in the Yankees Ikat colorway. Also pictured, a nice little simple Lantern Moon project bag. The small ones are about ten bucks; nothing fancy, but effective.

Sockapalooza sock in progress

The pattern I'm doing is a 3x3 rib with a braided cable down the center back. I love the way the cable looks, even if it does get a little lost in this colorway; I'll probably try this again in a solid or semi-solid yarn. (And if anyone's interested - or probably even if you're not - I'll likely write up a pattern for it. It's a nice little twist on a plain old ribbed sock; adds something without being too much work.)

Wanna see something I finished? Yeah, we're back to the handspun.

Sweet and Low Handspun

I'm calling this one "Sweet and Low"; it's superwash merino, about a sock weight, heavy fingering, 325 yards, four ounces, from a Pigeon Roof Studios roving in the Punk colorway. It'll be up in the shop, maybe this evening.

Finally...okay, listen, Sock REALLY didn't want me to share this with you. You know what a reputation he has. And he wasn't thrilled that I managed to snag photographic proof of one of his weaknesses. But he's a tiny sock, so there's really nothing he can do to stop me...

The Sock has a soft spot

Who doesn't love a little baby kitten??