Friday, June 22, 2007


In the following post, I am not complaining, okay? I signed up for it.

But seeing this is still a little scary.

(In case you don't feel like doing all the scrolling and trying to intuit my maiden name so you can find what on earth I'm referring to, here's what I mean:)

I'm gonna hurl.
(Sorry for the crappy image, but it was the best I could do at the moment.)

See the one in the middle?? Gah! That's me!! That's MY pending workshop at a somewhat major annual fiber festival! I don't know what I'm doing!!!!! (Also, I like to call the workshop listed above me "Keep It Simple Stupid Human-Goat!" because it makes me laugh; human-goat hybrids who tend to over-complicate things - talk about your niche markets!) Where was I? Oh: I'm scared!!!!!!

*deep breath*

Yes, I do know what I'm doing. I've made hats. I taught Travis how to make a hat. He didn't have a pattern, he didn't have anything; all he had was my gentle guiding hand. (Which probably didn't feel so gentle or guiding when I ripped back the crown for the third time because I kept getting the math wrong on the decreases and the stitch count was wonky. But not to worry - somewhere there is a crumply macchiatto-stained napkin with the right numbers jotted on it, and all I have to do is find it.) He wouldn't have a hat if it weren't for me. I can do this. No problem.


This is how my days will go for the next, oh, four months. Same exact thing for the sock class, if accepted: I taught Travis to knit a sock, and he did so quite well, and yet I feel I'm incapable of doing so in a room full of strangers. Even with the added benefit of written materials and relative anonymity. (No one expects anything from me, because no one knows who in hell I am, so there's no reputation to uphold. But that might be worse; I'd kind of cotton to having a reputation, I think.)

In other news, I think it's likely I'll go to Rhinebeck as well, which is the weekend before SAFF. The only "vacation" I have coming is a conference in Seattle for work, so since those expenses are covered, I can swing a weekend trip. It'd be a good chance to hang with some of my bloggy friends, assuming they'll be there, and maybe they'll be kind enough to ply me with booze and convince me that I'm capable of pulling this workshop thing off. (Knitters? Anybody up for the challenge?)