Thursday, June 21, 2007

I Promised...

Back when I knit these, one of my favorite pair of socks, I promised to let y'all know when Posh yarn was back in stock at The Loopy Ewe. I know it's been a long time, but I haven't forgotten; she just posted a big ol' update and there it is! I really recommend this yarn; now, you should know that it's not superwash, but the colors, tight twist, and the sheer deliciousness of this yarn - merino/cashmere! - make it well worth the price, I think! (And while you're there, you might check out some of the other highly coveted yarns in the marketplace; she just updated stuff like The Knittery, Duets, and Zen String, among a zillion other things.

What did I buy? A big fat zilcho, if you can believe it; the sock yarn cubbies are full, and I'm too busy in my love affair with the wheel (SanDeE*) to do much else. (I'll be knitting on Saturday.)

Speaking of love:


Meet "Penelope". This my latest, 200 yards of a two-ply worsted weight in 50% superwash merino / 50% tencel blend. I'm pretty fond of her, probably due in most part to the fiber she came from. Funky Carolina (also here) is definitely at the top of the pile in the roving department. (Literally. In my trunk of roving, all her stuff is on top. There's a reason why I started this.) She dyes exactly the way I like, no big white chunks. (Also great at that kind of roving: Yarn Pirate, Zen String, Mama E, Sweet Sheep.) Not that big white chunks = bad yarn (a roving I used recently had big white chunks, and I lurve the resulting yarn and will definitely buy more from that dyer) but it's just a preference thing. Anyway, this is her roving, in the "Bohemian Light" colorway.


So that's Penelope. And if you're interested, you can pick her up here.

Knitting stuff will be along. I have one sock I finished, but I should photograph it. Or maybe I'll wait to finish the pair. When those are done, I'll start the socks for my Palooooza. (Scary, I still haven't settled on a pattern. I'm thinking I'll concoct something on my own. Even scarier.)