Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Has Anyone Seen My Clever?

"Your clever what?" No, just my clever. I got nothin', folks, nothin'. I've hit a dry patch; I'm spinning up a storm, and only knitting on Green Gable at lunch and in traffic. (I'm a red-light-knitter.) If I could drag my sorry ass out of bed early enough to catch the bus, I'd be getting a lot more done, including some of those pairs of socks with impending deadlines...my evil diabolical plan is to let Travis get good at knitting and have him be my ghost socker. I don't think he'll go for it, though. I already made him give away his first hat.

I did finish up two skeins over the weekend, and I loved them very much. I say "loved" using the past tense because they're for someone else to love now - I posted them for sale on my new etsy shop yesterday, and they both sold! Yay!! I made something another person felt was worth purchasing! I won't announce every time I sell something, I swear, but these first ones are very exciting for me. (Thank you purchasers, both of whom are blog friends, and one of whom is also one of my own favorite people to give money to.)

My new adoptees:

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Skein: "Tiffany *Celebration*", two-ply
Weight/Yardage: 4 ounces, 250 yards
Fiber/Source: 100% superwash merino in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" colorway from Sereknity (or shop for her here...or here.)

(PS: LOVE Sereknity's fiber and colorways! And her prices are extremely reasonable - nice bonus.)

So Sari

Skein: "So Sari", two-ply
Weight/Yardage: 75 grams, 435 yards
Fiber/Source: 80% merino, 20% tussah silk in "Sanguine" colorway from Hello Yarn. (LOVE these colors.)

I know I always go overboard with a zillion pictures of my handspun, so I'm only posting those two (you're welcome). If you want to see more photos, though, you can peruse the photoset.

In Travis Knitting News: the guys at work are starting to wear on Travis - apparently the "haha, you're such a girl 'cuz you're knitting" thing just NEVER gets old for them. It's horrifyingly pathetic, and it's starting to make me angry. Boys are stupid.

Oh, and I feel as though I've neglected you, having not notified anyone of any big sales or fabulous updates lately, other than my own; you can tell I've been spending less online these past few weeks. But Dani has a big update scheduled today at 11:00 EST over at Sunshine Yarns, and her stuff is wonderful!

That's all I have for now - happy fibering!