Monday, June 18, 2007

I Must Have Lost My Damned Mind

Well. Didn't see this coming, didja?

I'm selling stuff now.

For now it'll just be handspun, and it'll be spun from fibers dyed by other people far more remarkable at that sort of thing than I am. I may begin to dabble in dyeing yarns and fibers someday...but for now, this is a way of dealing with the fact that I spin kind of a lot of yarn, and I can't ever seem to bring myself to use it for anything. I'm trying to price it fairly (which involves a complicated formula based on taking the number of hours I spent spinning a given skein, multiplying it by the amount of money I am accustomed to earning per hour, then dividing that total by 392 and adding the cost of the roving - in other words, there's no real way to make a profit on handspun, but it's a good way to get the stuff out of my house and into yours, where you may love it into some sort of useful item.)

That, and I love Etsy, and I want a piece of it.

So for all your handspun needs (or rather, for two of your handspun needs - shop pickin's are still slim at the moment), please visit me at

PS: My shop banner is pathetic and sad. I do not have a graphic arts skill set. I have an office computer, Microsoft Paint, 27 fonts, and clip art. Sorry; just try to ignore it.

(End Shameless Self-Promoting Whore sequence.)