Monday, June 25, 2007

Envy Me.

I had the day off of work today. I spent the day working on a sock in some of the cushiest plastic chairs our fine county has to offer: drivers' license bureau, tax collector's office, bank, social security office (that one was exceptionally...something.) But at least I'm pretty sure I'm mostly kind of done with the whole name-change thing, and hallelujah for that. (What fun. I swear, this guy ever tries to take off, I'm kicking him in the nurtz. Hard.) ;-)

Nothing to offer in the way of progress, really, other than several more inches of Sockapalooza progress (and one step back - had to frog about six or seven rounds of what I believe happened on malfunctioning autopilot at that social security office.) I also finished a skein that I'm pretty sure will never see the light of day. Maybe I'll post it here and take votes to see if you think I should knit it, sell it, burn it, or tie it to some helium balloons, release it with my phone number scribbled on a skein tag, and see who calls.

Oh, I wanted to address a few things:

1. We do not have a new kitten. Nothing against kittens, obviously; it's just that I have a weird obsession with symmetry, and bringing a kitten home would be a disaster. We are currently a household of six: one boy person, one girl person, one boy cat, one girl cat, one boy dog, one girl dog. If I bring home a kitten...well, it would throw off the ratios and you can imagine where that would end up. (It makes it easy for Travis to talk me out of getting another ragdoll kitty though, because while the statement, "Now, sweetheart, you know if we get another cat, you're going to have to have a baby" may sound completely insane to all of you, it makes perfect sense to me.) Anyway, no; that kitten was at our knitting meetup at Fiber Art in (somewhere on the west side of the state....Odessa?) Bit of a long story about that sweet little kitty, and it's kind of open-ended for now. (It won't end in this house. I have too many socks to knit to suddenly start on baby garments.)

2. The shop is fun; selling stuff is wicked fun (thanks!!!); stressing over whether I'm pricing things fairly isn't as fun. I keep tinkering with the listings, but I think I've settled on prices for now.

3. In News of the Stuff I Should Be Ashamed of But Will Share with You Anyway Because It Keeps Me Grounded: I watched The Brady Bunch Movie on cable this weekend.

4. Twice.

Happy knitting!