Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

First things first! I won a contest over at Rosi's blog a little while ago, and I got my prize in the mail yesterday. Dude!

I win!

Handmade soap, handmade lip balm (her soaps and lip balm are the BEST), pretty glass stitch markers, sock yarn, cookies, and FIVE bags of yummy tea in some of my favorite flavors! (Five!! Geez, I hope I have enough tea to get me through the week. ;-D)

Funny thing about the cookies...

rustling noise coming from the pantry...?

Shortly after Travis got home and I gave him two cookies and told him no more, I heard a rustling noise coming from the pantry.

Travis eating my damn cookies


glass stitch markers


Rio de la Plata sock yarn

I love this yarn! Details on it can be found here. It's totally my colors, and I think it would look really good in cables; maybe I'll try it in my new pattern, or tinker with my new pattern, add some details and complications, and do that...

Speaking of which:

Sockapalooza progress

Yay, progress!

Oh - and I joined the Mystery Stole 3 thing. Seems like it could be fun, and I don't do enough KAL-type things.

Now, I need your help.


I'm still not sure whether this skein is fun, or if I just messed up a perfectly good braid of Yarn Pirate's roving. It may just be that novelty-type yarn isn't totally to my taste; I've spun some of my little rovettes into yarn like this, and yarn with coils, and I liked them okay, so maybe it's just the fact that there's so MUCH of this skein, and it's throwing off my perception.

Mojito Mojito Mojito

What do you think? I made up one of those nice little anonymous polls, so you could tell me honestly where you stand. (I have a lot of faith in your general niceness, so I don't imagine I'd get very many "Ugh, no way - burn it!" comments, and I want honesty, so I figure anonymity will help.) Please vote, I'm curious not only as to what to do with this particular skein, but also as to whether I should throw a skein like this out there once in a while or just stick to regular old yarn spinning and leave the fun stuff for somebody else. (And because it came out really hard to read here, and it wasn't on the poll generator thing - the poll question is "What do you think, is it worth listing for sale?")

(Psst, Friends to the north: y'all are just so much more delicate with your wording up there. Had to come up with a more subtle version of "Bleccchhhhh!" for you. Also suitable for those located in the UK.)