Saturday, May 26, 2007

Oh. My. God.

Dudes, I'm getting married in a week. *squee* I'm still not especially nervous, although I think I could probably work on my diligence - there are still things to do, and I have to finish my thank you notes from the shower (over a month ago!) and I have to finish both pairs of stockings (I'm not particularly worried about that - we're very close).

Meanwhile, I'm very close to the day when I'll be 28 years old (that seems awful close to 30...) and I can't seem to set my priorities in order - I haven't been able to stop playing with my rovettes.

Li'l Handspuns

I'm finding that they're fantastic for trying out new things - I've never spun soysilk (that's it on the left, and it's a joy to spin, much easier than silk silk), and I'm playing with techniques. I tried for less uniformity on the middle left, spun some little matching thrums into the middle right, and the one on the right is navajo plied. (I had theorized I would not be very good at that, and, uh, I was right.) I spun up I think five more minis today - another navajo ply, and one plied with crochet cotton thread. And then I went nuts with coils. I enjoy spinning coils - those are of those little skeins tomorrow. I've probably gone through about half the rovettes now. (I used five coordinating ones to make a coil mini - coils take up a lot of fiber.)

Oh, and this is fun: my friend and coworker went to New Zealand and he was back at work on Friday. He regaled us with hilarious stories (he's a blast) and then pulled a puffy package out of his backpack for me:

New Zealand wool

Real New Zealand wool! From New Zealand! Isn't it wonderful to have someone bring a fantastic present like that for me? I love that he was all the way in New friggin' Zealand, saw some wool in a shop, and said, "Hey, wait a minute, I gotta duck in there and pick up a couple of those for Alyson." Too cool!

I really should be writing thank yous. Or working on the stocking. Or doing some of the work I brought home because I haven't a chance at getting everything done by Wednesday (I'm off Thursday/Friday.) Or finishing the favors. Or watching the rest of Baby Boom on cable. (Yeah, probably that one.)