Sunday, May 27, 2007

Works in Progress

I said I'd share photos of my new miniskeins today, but I can't. They're in the freezer, along with the rovettes. I picked up one of the minis last night, and something fluttered off of it. Upward. Into a Ziploc and banished to the freezer! I inspected the yarn room upstairs, distributed fresh tubs of lavender buds all over the place, gave the cedar shelves a quick rub with the steel wool, dug through my bags of wool roving, and have determined the threat to be, for the time being, contained. (Or I was delusional. But one can never be too careful.)

Now I am currently enjoying the greatest birthday gift possible. Travis kept asking me what I wanted for my birthday, and since the only things on my Must-Have list currently are a new MacBook and one of those Canon digital SLRs, and we're not actually independently wealthy, I came up with something else. (Well, something besides the skein of All Things Heather he ordered from The Loopy Ewe for me because I just couldn't resist any longer.)

So I am downstairs on the couch in front of an all-day Monk marathon (I love all-day marathons of shows that I never watch unless they're on all-day marathons - I love Monk but it's strictly a semi-annual indulgence) and working on the border of the second stocking (I know!!!! Who guessed today?) And while I'm doing that, the intoxicating scents of Pledge, Tilex, and Clorox - or rather, earth-friendly versions of those products - drift down the stairs.....because while I spend the day guilt-free on the couch, Travis is cleaning the house. All of it. I LOVE him. He's not particularly enjoying it ("You SURE I can't just buy you something?") but it's getting done, and I'm down here not feeling (too) bad about being lazy!

I'm not the only one.

Work in Progress

Rooster has decided he's a WIP. I looked down and there he was, tucked neatly into my bag. I wondered why the thing is always completely covered in cat hair, even though I use a lint roller on it constantly. Aha!

The house is a WIP, the cat is a WIP, the stocking is a WIP - let's see who finishes first!!!