Thursday, May 24, 2007

Roving: A Love Story

Another happy mail day!

Today's fiber installment


Yarn Pirate

My self-imposed ban on Yarn Pirate does not extend to fiber - I just have to knit the yarn I have before I can buy more. Doesn't preclude my buying roving in colorways that match yarn I already have! (This is BFL fiber in the Culture Club colorway, yes I have the sock yarn and don't you judge me.)

Funky Carolina

Both of these are Funky Carolina (shameless self-and-other-promotion: I started a Funky Junkies Flickr group for others who have the same fixation interest I have.) On the left, BFL fiber in Vineyard - I'm trying to learn to love BFL - and on the right, merino in Weeping Cherry.

But then.


I didn't get my usual little nubbin or two of fiber sample in my order. Why? Because instead, there's this:

Screw Disney, THIS is the happiest place on earth.

It makes me so happy, I could weep. Look at all those little puffs of delicious!! All those different colors, and fibers, and textures....the joy! (If you had told me three years ago that I would have gotten this delirious over a bunch of oversized colorful bits of fluff spread out on the couch, I would have run over you with my dirtbike.)

I did not immediately bury myself in these things and start taking gratuitous pictures. No, I did not.

When Rovettes Attack!!

Yes. I did. But they wanted to snuggle! What am I supposed to do? It's rude to refuse to snuggle with fluffy things! But they got fresh...

When Rovettes Attack!!

In the first step of the attack, the snuggles take on a vague air of hostility...

When Rovettes Attack!!

In the next step of the attack, a second wave marches forward (a "surge", if you will), contemporaneously forcing the victim to take photos from reeeally unflattering angles.

When Rovettes Attack!!

Victim symptom: chest compression.

When Rovettes Attack!!

Attackers initiate rapid self-duplication.

When Rovettes Attack!!

Victim symptom: early onset of vague panic gives way to abject terror.

When Rovettes Attack!!

Attackers initiate oral intrusion.

When Rovettes Attack!!

Victim symptom: suffocation (and weird wispy little bang-like things)

When Rovettes Attack!!

End result: Victim defeat.

Time to go. Can't blog. Must spin. Can't blog. Must spin. Can't blog....

(I've heard it said that a bride won't have many spare moments in the week leading up to her wedding. I defy thee to take away my ability to waste time!!)