Saturday, May 12, 2007

Knitters Rule!!

I got a wedding gift today in the mail! And not just any old wedding gift:

Knotingale rules!

A FUKBUK wedding gift! (That's "For Us Knitters, By Us Knitters". I always thought that the FUBU clothing line, "For Us By Us", was pretty clever, so I'm stealing it and making it our own, and a tiny bit vulgar - best of both worlds, really.) I was completely shocked and blown away by this gift! Knotingale (check out her April 2nd post - I love that Cabled Points Cardigan, and consequently bought Knitting Beyond the Edge recently) asked me for my address earlier in the week, and said she had a little something to send us. But this!!

Colorwork kitchen towel

The towel alone is beyond my capabilities (I'm rubbish with colorwork). It's hanging in the kitchen, but so help me, if I ever catch anyone wiping their hands on it, I'm going to give them a whack with the scraping tool. (I love that she included a useful toy for Travis - she was very helpful recently with Travis' furniture project, and he's going to be very charmed that he was included.)

Lovely bags

Mostly I'm just beyond stunned because this is much more handwork than I would put into most anything that wasn't for me. :-) See the bottle bag there on the right? My absolute most favorite color combination. You'll see a lot of that in my stash - there's something about red/orange/yellow that just makes me extremely happy. There's a handsoap and a dishsoap here. Poor shoddy old naked handsoap and dishsoap have been banished to the sink cupboard and replaced with these lovelies. This then led to me deciding that my kitchen wasn't worthy of such accoutrements as it was, so I had to actually clean the kitchen to bring it up to the standards of the new kitchen handknits. (Travis will be especially grateful for that little side effect.)

Here's a fun little bonus, too - when I opened the bags to see what, exactly, would be found inside:

I LOVE Cucina stuff!

Cucina dish soap!! Cucina is one of my favorite lines of kitchen stuff (handcare, et cetera), because they follow what I believe to be sanctimonious reasoning that all cleaning products, and particularly those that are used in kitchens, should smell like food. Also photographed here is my favorite coriander and olive tree room spray, also Cucina. (Dead serious abotu that food thing - our wood floor cleaner smells like marzipan, our counter cleaner like grapefruit - the only way to get me to clean is to allow me to wallow in food scents. My adoration of Simple Green cleaner is attributable expressly to the fact that it smells like root beer.)

Thank you so much Knotingale! You competely and totally blew me away!!!

Now that I've cleaned the kitchen, I've earned the right to sit here, knit, and watch Love Actually on cable. (I LOVE this movie. I'd forgotten how much I love this movie. Love it, love it. Bill Nighy is such a damned genius. And I wish Hugh Grant really were Prime Minister. And maybe I'd be able to tolerate our president being a bit of a ... well, you know ... if he were Billy Bob Thornton. Why do I have a weird thing about him? Is it the Angelina connection? He's kind of strangely dreamy...)