Monday, May 14, 2007

Startin' To Get A Little Adult Around Here...

I realized on Saturday that I would be getting MARRIED in THREE WEEKS and I very nearly shat myself. Married. That's kind of a big deal, right? I've gone through a number of rebellious "I don't really want to get married" phases in my life (largely attributable to whatever idiot I was seeing or had just finished seeing). But I'm really glad I changed my mind. What blows me away is the fact that Travis is younger than I am; therefore, I think he's crazy. He's only 25! He's much too young to get married! But he's not me - and since he's the one who asked, he has clearly decided he is ready to be married. And he treats me mind-bogglingly well. And he's very cute. So who am I to stop him? *wink*

Dudes, I'm pretty stoked.

Today I had to give a brief and informal but still vaguely terrifying training session today as part of my new position. Even though I'm an actor (in a manner of speaking) and trained in vocal performance, often appearing in front of large and/or influential groups of people, this was just short of abject terror for me. Something about peers and feelings of inadequacy - but I got through it absolutely fine, and I didn't deposit my breakfast onto the podium - which as far as I'm concerned means it was a raging success.

Now, to counteract all that grown-up-edness going on.....Saturday is my bachelorette party!! And since I'm not REALLY a grown-up, but in fact a four year-old with rather sizeable breasts, I'm spending the day at Disney World with my very best friend! And then we're going to meet up with some girlfriends and go get hammered and ogle the bellydancers at a local awesome restaurant, because when I'm not a buxom four year-old, I'm a horny frat boy. And then we're going to play bachelors-versus-bachelorettes putt-putt - there's no reason for that, really, just that drunken girl-on-guy mini golf seems like a killer idea.

The stocking has progressed! The stocking HAS progressed! I'm about halfway through the calf shaping - I estimate, based on the previous stockings' progression timeline, that I'll be finished with the thing in about two weeks. So those of you who hazarded a guess for Memorial Day weekend, keep your fingers crossed. Those of you who guessed sooner - cross fingers AND toes. It could happen. Those of you who guessed after...oh God, I feel sick....

Oh, and the dress fitting is this Saturday as well. Seeing as how I might have ACCIDENTALLY fallen face-first into a pint of Americone Dream and very nearly drowned in it, I may have a tiny bit of backpedaling to do this week. (I couldn't help it! The stuff was nearly as delicious as Stephen himself!) But I've made spectacular progress, for me, and I'm wearing pants today that used to be ENTIRELY too snug. (I still wore them even when they were embarassingly ill-fitted, but it feels nice to wear them without feeling like I should have another pair of pants on over them.)

My birthday is two weeks from today. And three weeks from today, I'll be on my honeymoon. I'm gonna be a twenty-eight year old married woman! Hee. Thank God I'm marrying someone like me - someone who is as likely to do an "I love my wife" fingerpainting as I am to turn awkward cartwheels in the front yard while sing-songing "I gots me a husband, I gots me a husband." I sometimes question our ability to (someday) parent, but only because I'm afraid we'll steal the childrens' toys.

This is gonna be a fun couple of weeks! :-D

(PS: I finally got around to making use of that Ravelry invite that I got before everyone started getting all hyped up about it. I think this could begin to border on obsession soon. Or has it already? So to my enabler gracious invite-issuing friend, thank you!)