Friday, May 11, 2007

All Funky, All The Time

First of all, I'm wearing hole-less jeans today! It's very thrilling to not have to worry whether anyone can see parts of my body I don't want them seeing. I avoided purchasing anything else when I went to the store last night to pick them up - I'd had to leave them for the tailor to hem them, which was shocking for me. I've never in my life had a problem with jeans being too long - it's always and eternally the opposite. Even the sales girl (Lena, who was such a doll) was stunned: "Oh my God, how long are these if you need hemming???" Then she held them up and the waist hit her in the boobs. "Oh. Wow." (I am aware that I am a crafter and that it should be punishable by flogging that I actually paid the department store an ungodly sum of money to hem a freakin' pair of jeans - but I still have not gotten around to obtaining that sewing machine that I asked for at last year's birthday. And frankly, do I really need it? Who am I kidding?)

Also, it would appear Haloscan took a crap yesterday and wouldn't let anyone leave comments for a while, and the comments that were accepted weren't sent to me in notification emails - so for those of you who managed to leave comments, thank you! For those of you who were annoyed by Haloscan's petulance, I apologize. I assure you he's in timeout, thinking about what he's done.

Today's Yarn P0rn is (again) courtesy of me. I received an order yesterday from Funky Carolina, and she threw in one of those fabulous little roving teasers along with my big ol' sexy braid of merino. (Oh, she just updated her shop last night, and The Sweet Sheep will be putting up a bunch of her rovings soon too.)

Twee skein, part deux

So of course, I spun the teaser up right away (regardless of the full bobbin already on the flyer and the unfinished portion of roving that had already patiently waited its turn). I got about 50 yards of two-ply out of it - part of the fun is seeing how much yarn I can get out of a roving niblet.

Spinning for the Commitophobe

It's good Thursday night TV spinning, too - it's just for fun, so I don't have to keep an eye on it as much as usual, and it goes crazy fast.

Little snuggly skeins

Look, there it is enjoying a good snuggle with the other twee skein I spun from the last roving niblet. They're so cute together - look at 'em there, all "Yay, we're Spectrum buddies!" Awwwww.

I also threw the sexy merino onto the wheel (again, forget about that full bobbin) and started it up.

Touche merino singles

I'm whipping this up into what will (hopefully?) be a worsted-weight two-ply for my SP. I have to get one last package off to her before the wedding; I'm making a conscious effort to not just completely neglect her but I've been slipping a bit, so I need to make up for it. Anyway, I'm wanting something sproing-y and well-balanced and fluffed, like this stunning skein that Ms. Funky herself spun up. (I'm not jealous, I'm just admiring....I'm not jealous, I'm just admiring....I'm not jealous....) I need to settle down, though - I'm overspinning the crap out of this poor stuff!

That bobbin I cast aside? The colors are astounding (and my camera hates them, so you can tell I had to futz with this picture a lot). It's a Hello Yarn roving that I think (but can't recall entirely) is a merino/silk blend. I just have passionate dirty thoughts about the colors - but I'm spinning it super thin and planning to make it a three-ply that will hopefully still be sock or sport weight. So it's a LOT of spinning - hence the "outta da way, I'm going worsted!" I'll get back to it.

Hello Yarn

Huh? What stocking? *whistles*

My eyes are burning and itching and generally bothering me due to all the smoke down here. I got a picture of the skies outside our office window - it's not raining or overcast or foggy, that's just the pall from the's worse than living in Los Angeles. Bring the rain, dammit! (Preferably not in the form of a hurricane already in freaking May, but at this point, I think we'll take what we can get.)

Fire haze

It's Sneeze Command Central in the office - everyone's sinuses are revolting against the ash!

Happy Mother's Day for those of you to whom it applies. I'm admiring my mother from afar this year - and getting her started on a new collection. Have a great weekend!