Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ass + Couch = Happy Sunday

Yesterday was quite the day - my best friend and maid of honor extraordinaire, Jessi, got into town late on Friday night, and we were up early Saturday to hit the seamstress' shop and check the dresses. (Fit: eh. Not great, but better. Few more pounds...) Then it was off to Disney World - we hit EPCOT and Animal Kingdom, and had planned to stay the whole day, but we are apparently getting too old for that sort of thing - we headed back home for a nap before going out with the rest of the ladies for dinner and sangria. We then met up with the bachelors for a round of putt-putt that didn't even pretend to be a serious game - we were throwing little colored balls all over the course. The best part - the place closed at 11:30, but they allowed us special exception - so we didn't even START the game until midnight and had the place all to ourselves. (Kimmy at Pirate's Cove totally rules.)

There's not much on the fiber front to discuss, and I'm not going to post 50 pictures from Disney World and the bachelorette party, but if you're interested in seeing me in my Mickey Mouse ears (they make Bride ears complete with veil), all the animals, both real and costumed, and the bellydancer we watched light herself on fire (intentionally) later in the evening, the Flickr set is here.

I will post this picture because I'm so impressed with what a beautiful, fun, intelligent, wonderful group of friends/bridesmaids I have.

The bridesmaids and the bride

Marcie, Amber, me, Jessi, and Stephanie. It would appear that I had not yet donned the special veil Jessi found for me, complete with blinking lights in the shape of, um, boy parts. Isn't it a shame I somehow avoided being photographed in that?