Thursday, May 17, 2007


I'm trying to get into the habit of responding to comments with better frequency again. I've slacked - it doesn't help that Haloscan is kind of being a bitch and only emailing me partial comments, if at all. But I'm trying to be better, 'cuz I enjoy the discourse. Diligence.

I moved the stocking onto my 16" circular at the end of the calf shaping, same as I did on the last stocking. Guess what I discovered? My 16" circular, size 2, is 3.00 mm. My beloved DPNs, size 2, are 2.75 mm. (Damn the subjectivity of US needle sizes!) Do you think maybe that could explain why it didn't seem like I even needed the thigh shaping?? God, I'm a doofus. I'm not even letting it bother me, though - these things happen. No one's going to notice. And I'm not going to care if they do! Not so much with the diligence.

Christine tagged me for this damned 7 Things thing that's going around. I think I did one of these a while ago, but it's not like I'm short on weird stuff about myself...I had planned to be sneaky and pretend not to see the tag on her blog, but then she came here and called me out. Curses! It's not that I don't want to share stuff about myself - please, what would you like to know? - but I always assume no one's likely to want to read that kind of stuff- though I'm not sure why I'd think that, since I like reading other peoples' weird stuff. And I have been tagged. Diligence.

So here it is, as brief as possible. I didn't pull up my last one to check for duplicates, so if these look familiar, my apologies.

1. The sound of chewing gives me hives. I cannot STAND that sound. I hate when they ADR it into movies during meal scenes for realism's sake. If the dogs or cats lie near me and lick themselves, I get very agitated. Travis has learned to eat very quietly. (On the other hand, I love chewing gum. Go figure.)

2. I also can't stand the sound of shoes slapping someone on the heels. This is a new development that came out of nowhere, which has also led to my inability to wear most of my most fabulous shoes, about 80% of which are backless and create that "thwack-thwack" sound when I walk.

3. Cell phones going off at inappropriate moments infuriates me beyond reason. I know no one likes it, but I turn bright purple and grow the largest pair of nards you can imagine when it happens - I've threatened very, very large individuals in movie theatres with bodily harm for answering their phones and carrying on conversations during movies. God help anyone whose phone rings during our ceremony. Ever seen a bride leave the altar to punch somebody in the neck?

4. I don't pay much attention to food expiration dates. If it smells okay, looks okay, and a test taste goes okay, I'm fine with it. When we first moved in together, I watched Travis pour out almost an entire gallon of milk one day prior to the stamped expiration date. He's since learned to just not look at the dates - I haven't killed anyone yet.

5. I'm mildly claustrophobic, but it's much, much worse in crowds. Crowds and I are NOT friends. I get really jumpy and start to shake much more than normal (weird thing 5.5: I have a persistent tremor). I especially don't like sweaty people - I have trouble going to concerts because if people get sweaty and bump into me, I FLIP. OUT. It's gotten to the point that I don't go to events or happenings if I know I won't have at least a foot of personal space on all sides.

6. When we're driving somewhere long-distance, I get punchy and start yelling "Moo!" at all the cows we pass. I've been doing this for years now. I consider it endearing. (Don't argue with me. It's endearing, dammit.)

7. I'm very fidgety, and I put my hands up to my face frequently. I hadn't ever really noticed it until I started my new job and started having to attend meetings constantly. Everyone else in the room is capable of sitting very still and behaving like adults, and I'm constantly rubbing my chin, picking at lint on my dress, and just generally fidgeting. But I noticed during a series of video conferences that I touch my face a LOT. I remember reading a study that showed that women have a tendency to subconsciously use their hands to draw attention to the parts of their body that they feel people should focus on. So I'm not sure what that says about me - am I implying that I think I'm super-pretty, or that I think all the focus should be on me? Or am I just the nervous type? (It could also have to do with the fact that before the gap between my front teeth was fixed, I used to cover my mouth with my hand a lot, without even realizing I was doing it, like if I smiled big or laughed. So it could just be habit.)

Turns out that wasn't very brief at all. There were some rules about posting this, something about standard text that had to be included and then I'm supposed to tag people. Hell with it. Thing 8: Generally speaking, and outside of work, I can't be bothered to pay much attention to details. (See also: Size 2 circular vs. size 2 DPNs) Ironically, my entire job now centers around excruciating attention to detail. I guess I'm just worn out on it by the time I get around to regular life. ...diligence?