Monday, May 21, 2007

I Lied

I said yesterday that I didn't have fiber content and that wasn't entirely true. I'd forgotten about some photos I'd taken at Animal Kingdom. (No, not sheep pictures - we've had enough of that post-MS&W.)

Animal Kingdom

While in line for the new roller coaster at the park, Expedition Everest (yes it was fun, yes I screamed like I was being tortured, no I didn't throw up, yes I seriously thought about it), I spotted some wonderful things. Lookit! Gloves! Hanging from the ceiling! I held up the line for a good minute, trying to get decent pictures of these and trying to determine whether they appeared to be handknit. I mean, they LOOK handknit, but a lot of things have that look now.

It gets better.

Animal Kingdom

Socks! Tons of them! (This one deserved a larger treatment.) These have to be handmade. Check out all the colorwork! The stranded slip-stitch heel flaps! I was in heaven! (The ride itself was good too, whatever.)

I had an inquiry about the groom's socks and their progress - they should be done in time as well. They're simple enough, a pair of black garter rib cuffed wool/silk blend socks (Regia - sorry, I had to go kind of generic). I drop the pattern after the cuff and the foot is knit in stockinette, so it goes pretty fast. I'm about halfway down the cuff on the second sock - his are my can't-focus-on-a-pattern knitting - when we're watching an intricate plot or driving somewhere, I work on his stockings instead. (Except for when we watched The Good Shepherd - I was lost within three minutes of the opening credits and decided to just work on my stockings and ignore the movie almost entirely.)