Friday, April 20, 2007

Quick Sale Alert

Super-awesome Carla of Chez Cas is having a sale. Skeins of in-stock Lorna's Laces shepherd sock are $8 a skein (Carla's "celebrating" the Lorna's price hike and assuaging her customers by giving breaks on the colorways in stock - she's cool like that.)

Here's her Special Deals page. Besides the Lorna's, there's also 30% off all her in-stock Malabrigo. (Who doesn't love that stuff??) And there's Tilli Tomas on sale, also about 30% off. I love the Tilli yarns - I have several skeins of a sinful dark ruby Pure & Simple that's slated for a Sahara, and I just like to pet it sometimes.

Though not on sale, she has these tasty skeins of Colinette's new Velvet Jitterbug nearly-solid yarns (bottom of the page). I wasn't a huge fan of the Jitterbug colorways, but these new solids are so edible.

Worth noting, all orders over $25 get free shipping, which I think is just about the best deal out there. So, if you're hurting for yarn like I am (ha!!), run on over there.