Monday, April 23, 2007


I keep trying to come up with something to post, and there's just nothing, at least from a knitting accomplishments standpoint. It was all Bellocq, all the time, and I can't bring myself to cast on the second one just yet. Don't worry! I have time, and I'm just on break - I've been working on Travis' wedding socks, which have the same deadline as the Bellocqs, so it doesn't count as putting off the stockings at all.

I did buy a garter thingie to hold the stockings up - and by the way, who knew that Elle MacPherson, of all people, would have a fabulous lingerie line? I guess it's to be expected from women who get paid to look good in underwear. It makes more sense than having a furniture collection, anyway. (Please. You wouldn't have an ass like that if you ever put it in a chair or at a dining room table. Trust me, I know Sofa Ass - you're not fooling me.) However, I'm going to want to return the garter and get something else - upon further consideration, I determined it would be wise to purchase a garter and underpants as two separate and distinct items. The one I got is a garter/drawers combo, and these stockings are heavier than your standard delicate silk stocking hose. If there's even the slightest chance that the stockings are going to try to pull the garter down, I'd rather they not take my undies with them. I'm disgracing my mother enough by getting married in stocking feet - God knows the last thing she needs to live through is me hobbling down the aisle, shoeless, with my panties around my ankles.

(Too much of a visual?)

For anyone who's curious - some have asked - I am wearing a traditional floor-length wedding gown. I've mentioned to a few people that I really wish I had that Stephanie Seymour wedding gown from the Guns N' Roses "November Rain" video. (I tried to find a full-length photo of it and have had no luck so far, but it was suuuper short in front and had the traditional long train.) It was a heinous and tacky dress that only worked for her because of those legs, and the fact that it was a rock video, and I would NEVER consider wearing something like that ... that is, until I spent dozens of hours of my life knitting a stocking that isn't immediately visible. But when I think about it, you know, I was always that kid whose mother dressed her up in a pretty dress, tights, and cute Mary Janes for school. And every day I'd spend the first few minutes of the morning kicking off my shoes, tugging my tights off and stuffing them into my lunch bag, and yanking my dress up around my waist so I could sit down cross-legged in the dirt. This is when I was five, and I had learned to control myself by the age of about seventeen...but by nature, I'm basically still that kid. So there's a good chance everyone's going to see these stockings at some point.

I trekked over to Tampa again on Saturday to meet up with the knitters. (We must come up with a name. Otherwise, I'm going to go with that old traditional using-our-first-intials-to-make-a-word routine - and no one wants to tell friends that they're spending Saturday with The CLAP.) There was a bit of yarn swappage - I walked away with some REALLY great stuff!

AND I also won a contest yesterday! Etsy took a big ol' crap during a routine update, and so it was down for most of the day - and so while we were all stalking the Etsy blog in anticipation, one of the newer sellers announced a quick leave-a-comment-win-yarn contest over on her blog, and I won! SWEET!!! I'll get good photos when my yummy prize arrives. In the meantime, check out her shop.

Happy Rockin' Sock Club Shipping Day Monday!

(Sale Update: Carla added Lorna's Laces Lion & Lamb to the sale, and as they continue to inventory, the sale will continue to grow. She's trying to clear out her entire Lorna's stock and start over. And she's got a LOT of Lorna's stock. I'm just sayin'.)