Thursday, April 19, 2007

It Can't Wait!

I should just hang out and post tomorrow, but I'm anxious.

Bellocq 4/18

One down!! One down!!! One (blurry) sock completed!

(It was heinously difficult to get these things photographed without blurring or strange angles. Oh, and I learned today during a meeting that "heinous" really needs to be enunciated clearly and carefully. Other Guy In Meeting didn't say anything, but the look on his face let me know that wasn't what he heard - I need to put a harder "h" sound on there. Anyway - I promise these stockings will get the photo shoot they deserve when they're completed - if nothing else, they'll be heavily featured in the wedding photos, I'm sure.)

Bellocq progress 4/18

Blurry pooling - as you can see, this one will need to be worn on the right leg. The only thing I could/should have done differently is the thigh shaping - I didn't need it. Or I should have gone back down a needle size. Basically, it turns out that my leg is almost the same width from upper calf to upper thigh. Shaping isn't the most important thing when that's the case. (Yes, I measured. But.) Still, with the help of garters, no problem.

And now, an installation I like to call, "Goober In A Stocking":

Bellocq 4/18Bellocq 4/18

Please excuse the Jessica-Simpson-circa-2002 Juicy Couture shortshort velour dress. No idea what I was thinking when I bought it, but at least several years later it has finally found a purpose as a decent backdrop to show off thigh-high stockings without panty flashing. (No one wants that, I know.)

Bellocq 4/18

There's the leaf lace border, which I attached wrong-side-facing the first time but managed to catch it in a few rows and nailed it almost perfectly the second time.

Two socks!

Look, two socks! Ohhh. No. Still got that other one I have to do, huh? start again.

Bracing myself....hopefully by the end of the second one I won't be climbing the walls.

And now, to prove that I am the worst ever at segues: speaking of climbing walls...

I'm enormous!

(Sometimes you gotta really dig for a reason to post a goofy photo of yourself.)