Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy *#&$%! Easter, Then!!

Well. Or rather, in the immortal words of my dear friend David, upon finding that his roommate's cat had done something inappropriate: Well well wellwell well well WELL well WELL wellwell!!!

I get a phone call Sunday, right around the time I resolved to finally drag my ass off the couch, put the Bellocq down, and shower and make a casserole for the Easter dinner gathering. I often don't answer the home phone...but I did and was, at first, annoyed by a robotic voice.

"Hello. This is the automated *Bank* Fraud Alert Center. We would like to take a moment to go over some transactions that may have been fraudulent."

(This is where I almost hurl. This happens several more times over the next hour or so.)

Sure enough, someone has (AGAIN!!) managed to get hold of my debit card number and tap into me to the tune of nearly three hundred dollars over about ten transactions. Thank God for the fraud alert call center (even if I did get suspicious since it's operated by a third party and I panicked when I thought I might have just divulged personal information to the very people who had gotten my card number, but *Bank* was - eventually - able to alleviate my fears.)

This is not the first time this has happened to me - I'm not sure how, as in both instances I've been in possession of my debit card at all times. The first time was much worse - someone had forged a copy of the card itself and was tapping ATMs all over the state. It was harder to prove that wasn't me - I finally managed it when I showed that I'd completed a transaction in my hometown about twenty minutes before Not-Me yanked $500 out of an ATM in Fort Lauderdale, three hours away.

Fortunately, *Bank* caught it this time around, and was wonderful to me - even the dear little man with a heavy accent who had to deal with my rather frantic exhasperation, which I of course took out on him (and on Easter, no less!) Everything should be easy enough to iron out. But I do have to cancel my debit card - AGAIN! - and get a new card - AGAIN! - and swap over all my automatic payments to the new card - AGAIN! Good thing I really like *Bank*, or I'd be seriously peeved right now. (Well, I am seriously peeved, but not enough to change banks.)

Besides that, Bellocq continues. It's well over the knee now. (And entirely too big. But my thigh will start to expand soon, and it does so at a more rapid rate than I believe the thigh shaping does - so I should be okay. I could go back down a needle size - but I don't have a 16" size 1 circular. *Shrug* (See what a perfectionist I am? Heh.)

Thank you for your reassurances that I am not the only one who gets all mouthy when other knitters are around. It's just so wonderful to not get the same glassy stare that I'm used to getting when I try to talk about knitting for an entire afternoon!

No post is complete without pictures. Digging through Flickr to see if there's anything there I haven't posted before, I come up with this:


I like to take pictures in the produce department at Whole Foods. Is that weird?

Edit: Gah! Checking my stats - who on earth found my site by Googling "spent the entire weekend n@ked"?? And how would that lead here?? There aren't many things I avoid blogging about - but I think if that happened, it would definitely be one of the things I wouldn't share!