Monday, April 09, 2007


(Here I go, posting twice in one day again. You'll have lots of reading if you didn't catch up at lunch today.)

Other than the whole bank fraud thing, Easter was super-awesome, by the way. Figured I should clarify that, since my last post's title was so very aggressive. The dinner served was delicious (made even more so by the fact that I've been very strict with myself lately, food-wise, and I allowed myself whatever I wanted on Easter) and the company was delightful. We watched The Pursuit of Happyness (strong performances, heavy-handed direction) and had a nice evening. All in all, not a bad day!

Today was wicked good. I found out while reading a blog (which I think is the best way to find stuff out) that I won Sheri's Frank & Martha contest! Dudes, I never win SQUAT. At least, I don't win stuff in the literal sense. I feel like a winner every day, what with great friends and family and my pets and Travis and a charmed life - and I win lots of chances to pay people money for great stuff (see also: Scout's Swag, The Loopy Seasonal Sock Club, Rockin' Sock Club, scoring one of the Gryffindor skeins from Sunshine Yarns, etc.) But in the strictest sense of the word, I don't win things a lot.

So you can imagine how it felt to win a $25 gift certificate to The Loopy Ewe! And if you can't imagine what it's like, I've put together a little illustration for you.

updated boohoo

The coolest thing about it - yes, even cooler than $25 to spend at The Loopy Ewe even as I was lamenting not being able to jump on this week's still-to-come update, since I need to start focusing my spare money wedding-wards - is that people voted for the winner. People VOTED for my KNITTING. MY socks WON something. (These ones right here.) I'm flabbergasted. (Which is a fun word to say, but sounds like some sort of unpleasant abdominal medical procedure.) I knitted something. And it was good enough for me to be proud of. And then it was good enough for people to think it deserved some sort of prize. I feel like a really good knitter right now.

(It's a good feeling.)

Speaking of good feelings - I forgot to share one of my peripheral favorite things about Saturday. Meeting up with other knitters was the overall favorite, and I really loved the lady who came over to ask us how she could learn to knit (I really hope she dropped in to Knit & Knibble and signed up!)...but while we were sitting there, this darling little old lady walked by, and she paused to smile at us. She stated, in an accent that sounded vaguely Germanic, that she was reminded of her grandmother, who used to knit all the time. The fact that she was elderly, coupled with the fact that she was foreign, led me to believe that her grandmother lived in a high time of knitting, in the sort of place where knitting was commonplace. I imagine her grandmother being a wonderful knitter. And I've said it before - people can grouse all they want and buy their "it's not your grandmother's knitting" books and exclaim "oh, I hate the whole knitting-reminds-me-of-old-people thing!" but I LOVE IT. I love that she remembered her granny! I love that we brought that to her! It made my day, because she smiled and remembered.

Knitting gives us the opportunity to give so many gifts, besides just a knitted item itself. We can give our recognition of the handiwork of others. We can give a memory back to someone who might have misplaced it. We can give hope to someone who hasn't given it a shot yet.

What's your favorite gift you've given as a knitter?