Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I have nothing significant to report, really. I downloaded the pattern for Green Gable last night, at the recommendation of Phoebe, and I'll be starting on that with some stashed DK weight merino (dark red, natch)....that is, if I ever finish these blasted stockings. Still love 'em. But damn, they tall.

My mom will be in town from Thursday to Tuesday - we have wedding showers (yes, plural!) on Saturday and Monday. I'm excited to have her here - and to have so many good things to look forward to sharing with her!

If you watch Dancing with the Stars - ummm, did you notice Joey's shirt? Was it just me, or was it rather....I mean...did that pink flappy stuff on the back look kind of similar to....um....well, listen, I don't know how to do this without being blunt, so I'll just say it:

Joey Fatone had vajay-jay on the back of his shirt.

There. I said it. For shame, Joey. Please, no more fashion homages to Paris Hilton - it's bad enough that lady parts are the new black, and starlets are flashing proudly like they finally scored an Hermes Birkin bag and that's where they decided to keep it. We certainly don't need the boys jumping on that wagon, too.

Enough of that, back to fiber stuff for a minute - I think I'll sign up for Sockapaloooooooooooooooza when the registration opens (any minute now, as I understand it.) I've never knit socks for anyone other than close friends, family, Travis, and myself. But by the time these thigh highs are done, crew socks are going to seem like they just flyyy off the needles, and I think it'll be a nice change to knit for a stranger. And to have exact measurements would be grand! Any time I knit socks, it's usually a surprise, so asking someone to give me the measurements of their foot would be a bit of a giveaway.

Last but never least - today's my dad's birthday, so even though he doesn't read this blog (or, to my knowledge, is even aware of its existence), I gotta pay him tribute, 'cause he's all awesome and stuff.

Happy Birthday, goofball....honestly, I can't imagine where I get it.