Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Secret

So apparently there's this book (I don't go for heavily-hyped things much, so I'm way behind the times) and it's called The Secret, and it's supposed to tell you how to get (and keep!) everything you want in life. And from what I understand, The Secret is - brace yourselves - to think positively!!!

Sheer. Effing. Genius.

I'm going to post some pictures of my Bellocq stocking (which, I'll have you know, I am thinking very positively about!) and then I'm going to go bang my head on the wall until I pass out because I really wish I had written that book and made millions of dollars off of telling grown people the same (true but simplistic) ideal that preschool teachers shovel at four year olds.

(Again, this is total speculation on my part, based only on synopses I have seen and a conversation I overheard, and I have not and have no intention of reading the book, so I restrict the right to keep my hoity-toity opinion despite obtaining any real basis for it.)

Let me get to it, and head to bed.

Bellocq, 4/11/07

Moving right along, no?

Bellocq progress, 4/11/07

I had to stretch the stocking up and hold it in place - without the border or anything in place to keep it where it belongs, it slouches down around the knee. Observe:

Bellocq, 4/11/07 *unstretched*

I'm not completely unopposed to this look, because the baggy-sock-around-the-knee look actually works wonders for my thighs. Who knew?? I may start wearing baggy thigh-high stockings all the time.

Bellocq, 4/11/07

As with all my photos, click for bigger if you want better detail - I want to show off the clever shaping.

I'm dreading the border a bit - I'm quite certain I'm going to muck that up several times...I'm leaning on Adelle on this one, hoping she gets it down first. (Hee!)

Alright, I'll cross-post at the KAL tomorrow - for now, I'm off to hurriedly chant my positive thoughts about winning the lottery and pass's way past my bedtime!

PS: I think there's a very good chance this pair of stockings is only going to take me three skeins. I have four. So if I'm right, look for a free skein of Rose Quartz Socks that Rock in a celebratory contest when this is all over. If it takes four - look for an annoyed YoYo.