Saturday, April 07, 2007

Shut Up, Oh My God ShutupShutupShutup!

Thus spake my inner monologue all afternoon.

I have two modes around new people: Shy and Eerily Quiet, and Shy and Verbal Diarrhea (the shy's not as obvious in that one, but it's there.) If I'm fortunate enough to have something major in common with the new people, I'm more likely to be in Mode #2. And Mode #2 was in full force today, because I Could. Not. Be. Quiet. What amuses me to no end is how I can in fact recognize my jabberiness, but I can't seem to stop it. And there's no filter, really. Maybe that's why I don't go to meetups much - because I know I may find myself wishing I had a backspace key. After all, did Phoebe and Christine really NEED to hear about the time our pup Brodie got all excited during a Game Night at my house and started humping my friend Steven's arm and wouldn't stop? For that matter, did YOU need to hear it?? (They weren't really given a choice, so it's only fair.) And every time there was a long pause in the conversation, I did my best not to be the first one to speak again, just in case they were secretly terribly thankful for the break.

In any event, today's meetup was very fun - thank you for having me along, ladies, and I'm sorry if I interrupted you endlessly. I did have a wonderful time! (Er, not with the interrupting - that I kind of just do without so much being aware of it until later.) Next time I'll lay off the caffeine a bit....

We knitted for .... well, about four hours! Whee, four hours with like-minded knitters! That's much more fulfilling than four hours on the sofa knitting and watching Airplane! on Comedy Central and....whatever schlock comes on after Airplane! because by that time I'm not even cognizant of the world around me and I can't be bothered to change the channel.

I'm pleased with my Bellocq progress - I have officially started the thigh shaping, and I've moved off of my DPNs and onto a 16" circular!

Bellocq 4/7/07 a.m.

The astute among you will note that there are still DPNs and this is still only upper-calf height. True - this photo is a cheat. I took it this morning before leaving for Tampa - now it's up to the knee and on a circ. (Yes, only up to the knee in four hours. It's a lot more stitches to the end of the round now.) I should take an updated photo, but - just picture the same sock a bit taller. Oooooh, aaaahhhhhh, right?

Sidebar: I find it interesting how people regard someone out by themselves in the evening. On the way home, I stopped by Chipotle for a bite, and when I placed my order at the counter, the young man preparing it declared (not inquired), "To go," despite the fact that I had a book in my hand (found the new Yarn Harlot in a store, finally!) and looked prepared for a sit-down. I find it interesting how it seems I am expected to gather my supper and scurry home to hide behind the sofa in shame for spending a Saturday night alone. No thank you - I rather enjoy my own company most of the time, and I see nothing wrong with being alone in public. (God knows it's one of the few times I'm likely to be found keeping quiet and relatively still.)

Friday marked the one-year anniversary of the purchase of our home. Aww, look at it.

525 Minneola

Oh, that's not quite what it looks like now. Now it looks like that, but with slightly more raggedy looking plants in front. (I'm not capable of maintaining green stuff.) And we upgraded the wiring. (Rewiring not pictured. Sad how the changes that take the most work are often invisible.)

We celebrated by having a snack and a glass of wine on the front porch yesterday after work - the weather's been so beautiful - blue and breezy, cooler than usual...delightful! Fortunately, a glass of wine is all it really takes to get to Happy Town.

Something about a pink monkey....?

Right as I was about to take a picture, Travis burst into peals of laughter and started exclaiming, "Pink monkey!" I thought he'd finally gone off his head, but there was just a girl crossing the street a half-block down, and she was carrying a pink stuffed monkey (bag?). He was endlessly amused by the pink monkey. Immediately after this, I thought it best to pour the last bit of wine in his glass into the shrubbery. We had planned to fire up some barbecue for dinner - ribs for him, tofu for me - and I didn't think it wise for him to dangle over a propane grill in the state he had appeared to be rapidly approaching...

(All's well - turned out he was perfectly fine, though maybe a little miffed at me for tossing his Malbec into the hedge.)

Happy Easter, if that's your thing, or Happy Sunday, if it's not! Hope you get time to knit - and if you're hosting a gathering, best of luck!