Monday, April 16, 2007

April Showers Bring May Panic Attacks

Saturday was my wedding shower - today's a shower at work. Both are giving me reason to be very happy. Yay!

Stocking progress:

Bellocq 4/13

No, really, that's what I do with them when I'm not knitting.

Okay, so that's where we are, as of Friday. I've accomplished virtually nothing since then - it was a fabulous and busy weekend.

Currently stressing me out:

Bellocq 4/13

One side of the leg. Minor, minor pooling - bit of spiral action, nothing unusual.

Then there's the other side of the leg:

Bellocq progress 4/13

Gah! Gah! Welcome to Poolville, baby - population: you! See that big ol' puddle of dark pink that looks like Miss Piggy yakked all over the top of my stocking? I'm trying not to let it bother me. I'll position it on the inside of my leg and hope that if the other stocking pools, it does so on the opposite side so that both pools will be discreetly hidden on less visible areas of my legs. Let's all pray together.

The shower this weekend was a great time - there were a lot of nice yarn-y accents there, but I'll save some of the pictures for another post....however, I have a few that can't wait.

See, my best friend's original plan for the shower was to have two pinatas - a motorcycle for Travis, and a lamb for me. Unfortunately, the lamb didn't make it in time. Jessi, intrepid as she is, had to improvise with what she could find.

sheep have...udders?

Ever seen a sheep with udders? She found a cow pinata and glued cotton balls all over it. Best. Friend. Ever. No one was allowed to break this one - I carefully unplugged it and removed all the candy, and stashed the intact pinata in my car. (Well, after taking it down because Travis, blindfolded and dizzy, bashed the hell out of the sheep instead of the motorcycle and I screamed for him to stop - he told me it was one of the most bloodcurdling sounds I've ever made and for a minute he kinda panicked that maybe he'd accidentally attacked a box full of kittens with a big stick.) Bessie the Sheep is now safe in my knitting room. :-)

(Speaking of best friend ever - I wish you could have a glass of the sangria she and her boyfriend made. Holy. Crap. Dude.)

We had a great time. And just as an example of my hardcore knitterness:

his n' hers

We got two Crock Pots (hey, it happens) and I seriously considered keeping them both so we'd have one for food and I'd have one for yarn dyeing.

(A word about that photo: we look half-crazed because we're laughing our heads off - my mother, right before this photo was taken, turned around to see my friend David's posterior up-close and personal - she was seated, he was standing - and declared, "Hey, nice ass!" I love my mommy.)