Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Party All The Time, Party All The Time...

I know, the wedding stuff is supposed to be at a minimum - but I do have some neat pictures to share! Yesterday was some serious good times - even for a day at work! Superlady Susan C. and team threw me a work shower, and let me tell you - completely outdid themselves! She put together some of The. Coolest. stuff for this thing - inclusive of chocolate bars with our names on them and a gorgeous cake and flowers everywhere and beautiful decorations and great food (mmm, I could so just live on fruit and cheddar) and a HILARIOUS Marriage Survival Kit. Travis was there, as were both our moms, and it was really the most fun I could have while getting paid. (Well, legally anyway....)

We have our own chocolate!!

These are the chocolate bars - we may have made off with more than our fair share of them - and she framed the labels for each mom and for us. Awesome!

There were a LOT of gifts - I was stunned! I was not expecting it, and I was totally overwhelmed by kindness and generosity. (And towels! I love soft, squishy towels, and I registered for a truckload of them - and coworkers spoiled me rotten!)

And check out the CAKE!!!

Susan's cake for the shower

That's us! Travis, and me, and Odessa! (My cake has a handknit on it! Squee!) What? You want another angle? Okay!!

That's our invites on the sides!

Do the graphics on the side look familiar? Yeah - she took Heather's beautiful artwork from our invites and had it put on the cake! So! Cool!!! What a great time!!

THEN when I got home, there was this:

The whole kaboodle

My Secret Pal rocks! I got some ginger chocolate (yum!) and some mint chocolate malt balls (I love mint chocolate, I love malt balls, but I've never had them together - verdict: delicious!). She also sent a DPN stitch keeper (I have wanted one of these for ages but never got around to buying myself one!) and some gorgeous stitch markers, and the cutest sheep magnet, which went straight up on the fridge! Last but certainly not least, a really beautiful lacy sock pattern from Lisa Souza, and a skein of Lisa's wonderful yarn in Agua Fresca! The colors are BEAUTIFUL! (My mom was really fawning over it - so a pair of socks for Mom might be in order!) The kit is listed here, and the sample sock is knit in the Agua Fresca colorway. They compliment each other so well - good choice!!

Thank you SO MUCH, Pal! What a great surprise!!!

I leave you with a Portrait of the Awesomeness of Wedding Showers, and my mom's best Vanna White impression:

Mom shows off the booty

Whooo-hoooo!! (Can I tell you how grownup it feels to have full sets of matching towels, glasses, dishware, placemats?)

(What? Bellocq? I was supposed to have one finished by the end of last week and I haven't made any progress whatso...but...knitting...responsibility...naked feet...frantic last minute...unless...on the ball... You know, what, I can't hear you, you're breaking up, must be going through a tunnel I'll call you back later okaybyebye!)