Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Poll, And Knitting Content (Kinda)

Okay, ladies, Travis and I have been going rounds on this. When I got home today, Travis gave me a big hug and told me how pretty I look (which is a standard greeting for me at Chez Lucky Girl). He then added that my bottom was looking, "so nice and plump." I immediately burst into fake tears, and he INSISTS that "nice and plump" is a compliment. Now, of course, if he says it's a compliment, I have to take it as such.

But really, is a "nice and plump" bottom actually a compliment? While it's true that the bellydance habit is probably taking a lifting-and-rounding toll on my rear, and that would be a pleasant change, I'm not sure that "plump" is quite the right way to go....

Speaking of being a happy couple in love, you'll love this. Susan at work is throwing me an office shower (wheee!) and she put the invites out today:

Shower invites

Lookit!! Little balls of yarn and needles! Susan did all these herself - wound the yarn, sharpened the dowels into needles, printed out a very cute invite (with a knitting sheep!) and wound them around the "needle". And it's not a small office - she had to make at least thirty of these. THIRTY. Try it. Wind thirty little balls of yarn, sharpen sixty little sticks, roll up thirty little scrolls of paper, and if, by the end of all that, you haven't jammed at least one little pointy stick in your ear, you win. (Oh, and you'll need to fight off an army of cats who aren't used to having yarn balls rolling all over the house. Susan's already a prime candidate for knitting, though, don't you think? She's got miles of patience, and cats. I think that's pretty much the criteria.)

About the stockings: some comments asked for modeled shots. Yeah, about that........they're, um, snug. Snug snug snug snug snug snug snug. I've managed to get them on with the needles in them - but I wouldn't want to do it again. I'll have to swap it onto scrap yarn to try them again. (It's the Cuban Heel - it's a very cool touch, but it's stockinette-based, and it doesn't have the give of the lace pattern.)

There was a Happy Fun Box on the porch when I got home. My first (yes, first) box from the Knit Happens sale arrived today, and I took a Rosi-inspired photo.

Yarn score!

Oh, I'm so happy! And would you look at this? Mr. Fluffy McGrumpersons doesn't even want to let ME near my yarn. He's really quite good at his job!

Here's a better representation of the haul:

Partial Haul

I picked up four skeins of Koigu in browns and oranges/yellows. (I spotted something similar to this on Aija's blog several months ago, and never quite let go of the dream of orange Koigu.) I also got seven skeins of taupe Rowan Cashsoft 4-ply for my Rhiannon socks, and eleven skeins of charcoal Rowan Cashsoft DK for...something that will become my most favorite sweater. (This stuff is so deliciously soft.) I also picked up four skeins of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk and a silk needle case for secret pal gifts.

Travis finally got a decent picture of me with the yarn when he heard me grunting over my inability to get a decent photo by myself. Want some outtakes?

Outtake 2

So excited about all this yarn, I'm trembling. (Instead of "blurry", can we call it "soft focus"? Wasn't it Loretta Young who insisted the camera lens be draped with silk so she would look softer and lovelier?)

Outtake 1

Rooster's all, "Bitch, whatchoo doin'?"

Outtake 3

Help!! HELP!!! The yarn is EATING ME ALIVE!!!!

I gotta go knit...I think my yarn is plotting against me.