Monday, March 26, 2007

As Promised...

I'm not normally a big fan of multi-posting in one day - but I must get into the habit of doing this at home, not at work. So.

(I'm also blogging during Dancing with the Stars and I can't guarantee that I won't sneak in a few snippets here and there. Let me get a few things out of the way: I want to be Cheryl Burke when I grow up; Joey Fatone is just the cutest thing ever; wait, no, Apolo Anton Ono is; I love how Paulina Porizkova hasn't aged even a little bit, but she doesn't look completely plasticized either - I'm looking at you, Leeza Gibbons. I'm sorry, I can't help it - even though reality television is truly the lowest common denominator, I have a few weaknesses. This and America's Next Top Model are the ones I really just can't give up. And Project Runway, but I don't think that really counts.)

Okay. I picked up some fantastic batts from the Lime & Violet update today, and I'm anxiously awaiting those now. I do listen to the small doses. (Nothing personal - the volume levels get on my nerves really fast, that's all. I can barely hear them when they speak normally, but then suddenly one or the other of them will get really excited and make a joke or laugh REALLY LOUDLY and blow out one or both of my eardrums. But they can be really fun to listen to on the bus.)

A bit of yarn and stuffie p0rn, perhaps?

Mr. Fluffy McGrumpersons and his yarn

I spotted this huge sheep at Target last weekend, and I carried it around the store for a while, but Travis wasn't going for it. Then when I had one of my really crappy days at work last week, I came home and went into my knitting room and sheepie was sitting on my chair. It did cheer me up a lot - even if he is so scowly and grumpy looking. (Hence he was dubbed "Mr. Fluffy McGrumpersons.") He's a good yarn guard, though. No one's going to mess with my stash with Mr. McGrumpersons standing watch! I mean, look how he disapproves of you even LOOKING at the yarn!

Here's a better shot of the yarn, without the stern disapproval:

Yarny yumminess

Mmm. Zen String in "Bart & Louise in the Garden" - I managed to score one of these coveted skeins from a recent update at The Loopy Ewe, and it was worth every penny! I lurve it! I also have two surprises from The Sweet Sheep; my installment of the Fiber Club, a four ounce bump of merino from Mama E in a colorway called "Marbled", which I really like, and the Mystery Dyer for the month of March - also Mama E! Totally fine with me - I'm a huge Mama E fan. This is a great spring color, and I'm thinking about maybe doing something other than socks with it - plenty of babies due in the spring, and this would make an adorable little sweater....

Things are going really well for me with the wedding stockings; I've turned the heel and worked most of the ankle; if I were making crew socks, I'd only have about another three inches. Of course, I need another twenty-seven inches just to hit mid-to-upper thigh. (Being super-tall with "legs for days" is not always such a blessing; my leg from hip to toe is 48 inches.)

progress 3/26/07

My feet aren't as heinously long as the sock would have you believe - the lace shortens up significantly when worn, so everything has to be knit a hair longer than normal. (Which isn't bad on a nine-inch foot...but on a twenty-nine inch leg, it could prove to be a bit more trying!) I can't wait to see what one looks like completely finished! And hell, maybe even two....I think I just realized today that this is really going to be a LOT of knitting!

However, these will make me so easy to spot at fiber festivals and Knit-in-Public gatherings! I'll be the one in the short black skirt and the mile-long pink lace stockings...assuming Travis lets me out of the house looking like that. Hehe.