Wednesday, March 28, 2007

If You Were A Crew, You'd Be Home By Now

Progress, 3/28

You know how they say that when you leave your time zone, you should immediately start thinking of time only in terms of whatever time zone you're now in, because apparently the jet lag effect is worse if you continually think of the time "back home"? I need to shake off my tendency to watch my sock progress in terms of crew socks. I mean, this progress is pretty wicked for me, considering I cast on late Friday night...but I can't think of this sock as being close to finished. (However, if I WAS knitting the crew sock, I'd just have the lace cuff left.)

So far, so good - I would definitely recommend this pattern for immediate knittage. I really love the cool Cuban Heel - it's a nice touch at the ankle.

I do need a little work on my short row heels. They could be better:

hmm...short row heels

It's getting difficult to keep my focus already - after getting all that fantastic Cashsoft DK yesterday, it's a serious challenge to not cast on for a delicious sweater. Reminding myself that even if I finished it in record time, I'd still not be able to wear it until October - that should help.

Thank you for your kind comments about Travis' reference to my "plump" bottom. I've decided that since Travis doesn't really like super-skinny chicks, "nice and plump" is a premium compliment. If he said, "Hey, your butt's looking scrawnier," that would definitely be an insult. I will rejoice in my plumpness! (As long as it doesn't manifest ANYWHERE ELSE!)