Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'm A Leader! Kinda!

So I was thinking that this Bellocq pattern is just SO beautiful and SO perfect and SO deserving of a knitalong, so why don't I just start one up?? But of course, before doing that, I googled Bellocq KAL to make absolutely sure that I wouldn't be stepping on toes. And sure enough, I found SweetPea on the Lime & Violet message boards (and isn't that just THE place to find someone nowadays?) She was discussing setting up a blog - so I emailed her, and just a few short hours later, the Bellocq Knitalong blog was born! It was born entirely of SweetPea's efforts, mind you - I'm new to the whole Wordpress thing, and she did all the legwork; she's definitely Big Admin, and I'm happy being Little Admin. The site looks beautiful - I am duly impressed. (If I hadn't invested all this time into Blogger by now, I would probably be a Wordpress convert.)

Welcome to the world, Bellocq Knitalong!

We have two admins - Ms. SweetPea (Eva) and myself - and we are pretty much available 24 hours to answer your questions. (In a very handy twist, she's in Luxembourg - so basically, an admin is always guaranteed to be awake somewhere.)

I'm really excited about this - I've joined KALs and stuff, but never taken such an active part in one. Thank you, Eva, for letting me jump on your coattails and be a charter member!!

So if you're watching my progress and thinking it looks like fun, grab the pattern and come join us!

This will not likely bump the Bellocq as being the only project I talk about here for a while - two months to go, and I have to knit these stockings, plus the groom's "formal wedding socks" (read: black Regia Silk ribbed socks knit on 2s as fast as my little fingers will fly me there). And there's that whole, you know, wedding thing. That's still getting in the way a lot. I hope marriage isn't gonna be like that - 'cause in a fight between marriage and knitting.....I don't know.....knitting has all those sharp sticks at its disposal.

And that's all for today's post. I'm not going to squee about how Marnie (Bellocq's mama) wrote a lovely and encouraging comment on that last post. Nope. Not even one tiny squee.


Oops - pardon me! It just slipped out.