Friday, March 16, 2007

I'm Always P0rny on Fridays...

Man, I wish y'all could've seen me this morning. After a hideous debacle yesterday in which I missed the bus and ended up driving Travis' work truck (which I hate driving) all the way downtown because he had my car so the glass repair guy was scheduled to come fix the crack in my windshield, only the guy never showed up - still with me? - I was determined to catch the bus today. But the damned thing LEFT EARLY. I passed it on the road at 7:26 - it's supposed to head out at 7:30. I will not stand for this!! I had words with the driver at a stoplight, raced past it to a nearby parking lot, parked, crashed through the bushes and down the embankment to the highway, and flagged it down. I was getting ON THAT BUS. About the time I got to the side of the road, I was feeling rather foolish - but it was the principle of the thing! The bus driver was very apologetic and seems like a lovely guy - apparently there were some problems with the bus starting and he had to leave as soon as he got it running because he was afraid it would break down if he let it idle. That was reassuring; at that point I almost asked if I could get back off and drive to work after all.

After all the Indiana Jonesing it took just to catch the bus, dudes, I am feeling FEISTY today!!

So I've got oodles of p0rn for you! Chart p0rn, yarn p0rn, prize p0rn, AND bling p0rn! You ready?! Take this ride with me!

Chart p0rn! Behold the charts for my wedding stockings (pattern released yesterday). I've blocked out the key so I (hopefully) won't get in trouble for taking a photo. But hot damn, these are some serious freakin' charts. (The pattern is spectacular though - they have a full page version of each chart included, saving me the step of xeroxing this to death until I can read them.) I've decided to go with the thigh-highs instead of knee-highs, so I have to return my two skeins of Rose Quartz Lightweight Socks that Rock to Blue Moon and pick up four from the same dyelot. (I included a bar of chocolate in the return envelope. Couldn't hurt.)


Prize p0rn! One of these bags is filled with contest prizes! (Hint: the bag with the prizes is not a blue bag. Sorry, we had to work HARD for those prizes, so we's keepin' 'em!) I can't wait to spoil you - I've come up with three batches of prizes, so I will have three winners! If you've left a comment, you're entered. And of course, each prize has yarny goodness as well!

My new bling

Bling p0rn! In normal worlds, yarn would come before bling. But this is the knitting world, and I'm saving the yarn p0rn for last. This is my new official engagement ring; the one Travis proposed with is my great-aunt's ring, and I'm just kind of scared of it and not crazy about wearing it - if anything happened to it, I couldn't ever forgive myself. And this is nice and simple and something I can and will wear every day.

Ready for the Yarn P0rn??? It is so GOOOOD.

Sunshine Yarns in Westwood colorway

I love this whole it's-still-daylight-when-I-get-home thing...the yarn photos are much better during this half of the year!! This is Sunshine Yarns in Westwood - I picked it up from Yarnbeans when she did her destashing - I've not tried Sunshine and I've been wanting to - so when the chance came to get it at a destashed price, I jumped! This is so soft, and the colors are great fun - they remind me of 70s home appliances. (Dig it.)

Perchance to Knit in Breezy colorway

Here we have the skein of Perchance to Knit I managed to score during the recent Loopy Ewe blitzkrieg - I lost the skein I really wanted, and so I picked this one instead, and I am so glad I did! These colors give me the grins - this is her "Breezy" colorway. And with a matching stitchmarker, to boot! Twee!

Socks that Rock haul

Now that's a good mail day: four skeins of Socks that Rock! (Hey, if you're going to use a discount, you might as well make it count!) The colorways shown here are Little Bunny Foo Foo, Fire on the Mountain, Rooster Rock, and G-Rocks. I always like their colorways even better in person - the colors are so rich and bold. It's so difficult to not wind them up and cast on four different socks right this minute!

Have a wonderful Friday, all!