Friday, February 16, 2007

What? Cold?? WHY???

I love cold weather, I do. But because I live in a tropic-hell climate, I eventually gave up all my gorgeous sweaters. (Storebought - these were BK sweaters. Before Knitting, not Burger King.)

Now it's getting cold out, and I want sweaters. But really what I want is a sweater I can just toss on for the outdoor portions of the day. (Floridians tend to hit panic mode and crank inside heaters up to about 80 when it's chilly out - so really you want to wear tank tops and shorts wherever you're going, with warmer garments on top.)

I'm dreaming of a bulky-bulky-bulky sweater. Not bulky in a "does that girl weigh 140 pounds or 300?" kind of way, but bulky in that size 35 needle, super-bulky yarn held double, I-knit-this-sweater-in-a-weekend kind of way. Not boxy and unflattering, just....quick and dirty. With a huge, huge cowl neck. 'Cause big knits are all the rage right now anyway, and cowls are all over too. And I love the snuggly look of a cowl. (I like the look of turtlenecks too, but they're so constrictive. Cowls are the less oppressive version of the turtleneck. Like, cowl is what Cameron Diaz SAID she was like - casual, no pressure, fun to be around - and turtleneck is what Justin found out she really was - kinda clingy, itchy, uncomfortable...I'm speculating, of course.)

Of course, I don't have bulky-bulky yarn for my bulky-bulky sweater. Now I have to decide whether to buy it or just continue to dream. I have too much on the needles, and a design project I'm working on (and in love with) and just not enough hours in the day.


Brief discussion of something I find fascinating. When I knit in public, you know who's most likely to approach me? Men within ten or fifteen years of my own age. And it's never in a "let me use the fact that you're knitting as a window to hit on you" sort of just seems anytime I park it in a Starbucks and whip out the sock, at least one guy will come up to me and kinda smile and watch for a moment before noting that his grandmother/aunt/mom/whomever was a knitter.

I know there's a lot of fuss made over the "grandmotherliness" of knitting, and I resent it (what's so wrong with my gram-gram??) - but personally, I LOVE that I reminded that guy of his grandmother. He smiled, and he remembered her, and maybe tonight he'll go home and fish around in the attic to see if he can dig that old sweater she knit for him when he was six and his mother packed in a box and insisted he should keep...

Grandmotherliness be damned - because of me, someone remembered her. And I got a pair of socks out of the deal. Big wins all around.

Speaking of big wins - you still have plenty of time to enter the contest! Do it! You know you want could score something fantastiful!