Saturday, February 17, 2007

The End Of A Long Happy Road-Trippy Day

I just got back from SoFla - we had a great day, and now I get to give some stuff away! In a minit.

Schrodinger asked, legitimately, how cold exactly it has to get around here for us to consider it "cold". It depends on who you ask and how long they've lived here. Being born in Washington and raised in Texas and the moutains of New Mexico, I was pretty stunned when I moved here and people wore parkas when it was 60 out. But my blood, too, has thinned - I'm ready for a light jacket at around 65, and I'd officially say it's cold in the 40s. This weekend it has dipped into real live freezing.

It's always worse downtown, too - if I stand still in my yard, it's not that cold. But the wind whipping down the skyline corridors can bite like crazy. Not Manhattan-in-January or anything...but still nippy. I like cold, hate wind.

Next subject: Dudes, I. Am. Awesome. Travis and I are planning our honeymoon in Victoria/Vancouver/Whistler, BC. And what did I just find out just HAPPENS to be in Victoria on June 9 and 10? The Victoria Knit-Out and Fiber Festival. And who did I find out just HAPPENS to be a speaker at said festival? Oh yeah, the Knitterly Neo, The One....The Harlot. I immediately called Travis with serious over-excited verbal diarrhea about the whole thing.

Me: Ohmigodohmigodohmigod, Harlot's gonna be in Victoria during our honeymoon, I'm so stoked I'm gonna puke and you know i think the fact that it just HAPPENS to be where we're honeymooning is another sign that we're MEANT for each other!!
T: I'm not sure that I take it quite that way...but that's pretty cool.
Me: Would you hate me if we spent a honeymoon day at the Knit-Out so I could meet her?
T: Are you kidding?! It's the Harlot! Of COURSE we will.
Me: (squeeee wheee whooopeee, various noises only dogs can hear)
T: Out of curiousity....would my answer have even mattered there?
Me: No. But I love you for understanding that she's my Elvis and for not making me divorce you seven days in.

(Speaking of kismet, I watched The Notebook for the first time today. I might as well have just slammed myself in the face with a garden trowel repeatedly and spent the whole day crying about that. I hate it when a movie isn't particularly sad, and yet it leaves me in a weepy puddle for, like, three hours. I can be such a GIRL. But I can say this - it's nice to finally watch a movie like that without having a totally skeptic attitude about that kind of love being possible to find.)

Finally, it's time to give up the goods - I had great entries (particularly giggle-inducing, I thought, were Susan and CB's entries - Susan doesn't knit...yet...and I'm so grateful for her hilarious entry - and I loved Rosi's for its honesty...'cause yeah, that's kinda what it looks like to me too...and I loved Heddy's for reminding me about those little cups, which I used to drink out of all the time when I went fishing with my granddaddy.)

So yeah, in the interest of fairness and Cara-ness, I used a random number generator and came up with ..... Lexa! And you guys, you gotta read her most recent post - the universe knew she needed some yarny cheerful goodness!

Back to my sock.......