Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cheap + Hot = Good

I cannot tell you what joy this gives me:

Awe.  Some.

I stumbled into Target last night and discovered that one of my favorite edgy-nerdy-chic designers had set up shop in Target's beyond-awesome GO International campaign. Not since I walked in and found Luella Bartley in Target have I been so thrilled by this store. (Although in that case, she came along a bit late for me - I'd already blown some embarrassing amount of money on a perfectly stunning emerald green leather bag at Bendel's during one of my NY weekends...but that's off-topic.)

I only picked up one (perfect, lovely, adorable, well-fitting) skirt. It's the well-fitting part that thrills me - things from Target never seem too impressed with my ass. I buy lots of tops there....but, uh, no bottoms.

Wait till you see what Travis has gotten into.


Look at him! Crafting! My mom bought him this basketweaving kit in Cherokee, NC for Christmas. He broke it out and played with it for a while. This is, ah, the calm before the storm. About 20 minutes after this picture was taken, the basket in progress (in the same configuration in which you see it here) found itself skittering across the dining room floor, having been chastised thoroughly - and I'm sorry to say, rather rudely and explicitly - as had the horse it rode in on. The pieces are now in his office, where they have been instructed to just sit there and think about what they've done.

(See, should have stuck to knitting. It's very calming.)

Etsy alert: I found seller Kindred Spirits today. Her yarns are beautiful, and definitely on the inexpensive side for hand-dyed superwash and merino sock yarn. (Ironically, I was referred to her by someone who bought destash yarn from me, and the new purchase was five cents more than the money I earned selling the yarn to the recommender. One step forward...)

The new rule is destash-to-restash. Since the whole Knit from the Stash thing is lost on me (being that I mostly purchase sock yarn anyway), I'm trying to get into the habit of selling stuff I'm not knitting if I want new stuff. (I give it a week.)

I'm still working on socks and secret projects....I know, it periodically becomes terribly dull around here, at least if you're looking for finished objects.

The blog equivalent of dangling shiny objects to distract you from my lack of visible productivity? Eye candy!

Sunday night the sunset and the dusk was so beautiful - even though we were driving the turnpike, I had to ask Travis to stop and pull off the side of the road so I could get a picture of the stunning sky. (And fortunately, we managed to not get shot for pulling off the road. What is going ON, people??)

Sunset over the turnpike...of all places

Have a beautiful day!