Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hey, Dude, Thanks For Sucking.

Jeez. I just read Cara's most recent post (which I think she may have deleted so it wouldn't become a big which case, I'm perpetuating and I'm sorry). I checked her previous post for a hint of what might have inspired her - turns out she got flamed hardcore by someone accusing her of being a whiner and other nasty things. (Cara?! She of the generous perma-contest? No way!)

Sometimes I wish I was a Harlot, or a Wendy, or a Cara...and then I see something like that. And I remember that people don't always like that you're popular, or doing well, or happy, or feel okay about sharing your opinions. And I thought, wow, I'm glad I have a small readership, I guess, because everyone is nice who comes here, and no one flames me out.

But then I remembered - I did get flamed out once. And it hurt. Because it wasn't about something at work (where a bit of flaming comes with the territory) or my knitting (where I perhaps deserve flaming sometimes!) - it was about the most important thing in the world to me. Someone who (clearly) doesn't know me left a comment on my 100 things post basically telling me that living with a man to whom I wasn't married was asking to be let down hard. (I've deleted the comment because I didn't want that kind of negativity here, so I can't quote exactly - it was more hatefully worded than that.) The person wasn't even a knitter, so I've no idea what he was here for, or why he was so curious and vested in my personal life. Say what you want on your own blog, but why would you want to come here and attack my life??

It hurts to have someone go to special effort to slam you for something so deeply personal, like the love of your life or your whole outlook in general.

I'm not asking for anything by saying all this - just throwing a little sympathy out into the universe, I guess.

And to say that Karma bites, bites hard, and bites in the arse. Don't say nasty things to people. Especially don't try to take away their joy.

(Oh, and just in case that guy still, for some reason, drops in on me sometimes: You were wrong. Asshole.)

Speaking of karma.....remember this sock? (That is my favorite photoset. I've added a few new pictures to it. I kill me.) I've destashed the yarn.....and the sock. I couldn't bear to rip it myself, so I put it on destash, and someone has offered to relieve me of it. I think I'll miss it a little - but I did get out of it something priceless: Travis' favorite photo of me.

Resent it as it tries to eat your head.  (It's the radioactive kibble, gives socks the munchies.)

I'm precious.