Friday, February 23, 2007

Stitches, Smitches.

(Don't let my flippant title fool you - I'm jealous as hell and I hate you all. I want Cookie's patterns, dammit, and I want them all, now. That, and the STR booth. I want that too.)

So while you're all off strangling each other for the last skein of Cracked Canyon, I'll be.....well, I don't know what I'll be doing. But it'll be yarn-related.

I've been destashing like a mad fool - and I've been working hard to build back up with the proceeds. And with my order from Loopy, I achieved Groupie status and can't wait to place my next order to make it official! (mutters something about placing five orders in 32 days)

Cara said it much better than I did. Kudos.

Our honeymoon is all booked up, finally. We'll be staying here in Vancouver; here in Whistler, and here in Victoria (that's the one I'm really stoked about!) We booked mid-level rooms at really spectacular hotels, and we're hoping our cloying honeymoon-y love and irresistable charm will lead to the hotelier shaking his head, surreptitiously sliding the keys to the Presidential Suite across the counter and muttering, "You crazy kids enjoy yourselves, ya hear?" (Delusional? Yes. But it's marriage - I think it's healthy to go into it with rose-colored glasses. Heh.)

I still have to finalize stuff for the invites, and work on securing the flowers. (Susan at work is doing the arrangements, but I gotta find the supplies.) Then....ummm....I don't know, there's probably other stuff I have to do, but I'm really getting focused on the silly fun stuff now - what adventures to do in Whistler, knitting the gorgeous knee-high wedding stockings (using what else but this yarn, and of course with a garter to match!), sticking my hands into the three pounds of lavender buds we have for "confetti"....meanwhile I still haven't bothered looking for a videographer. But that detail isn't FUN.

Orlando's Friday weather has been stunning lately. Look:

Friday Sky