Monday, February 26, 2007


Fiber content: I think I suddenly hate my Vogue eyelet blouse - I can't bring myself to get back to work on it. I realized some time ago that I'd goofed on the very bottom, and I decided to let it go. I don't think that bothers me, but I've lost interest. (This is why I don't knit garments.) Fed up with not having accomplished anything, I spun three skeins this weekend. (A sportweight-ish silk single, a two-ply merino worsted, and a fat fat fat bulky cotton single.)

That's it for that - the rest is Oscar-related (it's a big night for me) and has absolutely nothing to do with knitting (unless you count that I was working on a sock periodically throughout.)

1. Yawn. Nice, gracious, respectful.....but yawn.
2. I couldn't bring myself to be completely floored by the interpretive dance thing - I thought it was neat, but still...interpretive dance. It's a stigma, I guess.
3. Stop with the tributes, montages, and mish-mash already. Then you'd be able to let people who win the awards actually take a second to give a speech. That's why we're really here, after all.
4. Let Will Ferrell, Jack Black, and John C. Reilly host next year.
5. Helen Mirren is a wicked hottie.
6. I'd give my left ear for Cate Blanchett's skin.
7. Speaking of ears, Babel had the most intrusive and obnoxious ambient-sound-music I've ever heard, and I can't believe a score that distracting could win an Oscar.
8. Someone snatch the platinum cluster of grapes off of Rachel Weisz's neck - she's perfect without it.
9. Were the hairstylists on strike??
10. I like where fashion is going...glamour is good. (But do something with your hair.)
11. Reese is exacting the perfect revenge - looking damn fine. (Don't lose any more weight, girl, or your chin's going to take hostile control of your face. Believe me, I know - I get pointy-chinned when skinny too.)
12. Heheh. Eddie. Next time, tell them to shelf the standard I-play-every-role-and-aren't-fat-suits-funny formulaic comedy next time. You might have a shot.
13. Jennifer. Hudson. Young lady, next time you're that close to Clooney, you pay him the fawning attention he deserves!! Every woman on the planet had the same reaction to the way she booked it off stage at the end of her speech. "WAIT! WAIT!! What about CLOONEY!?!?! He wants to escort you off stage - LET HIM!!!"
14. Four hours. Come on people, tighten up or start earlier. I'm sleepy, gotta work in the morning.
15. Leo. You can spray it with Mystic Tan, but you can't make it sexy. (Sorry, I just don't see it.)
16. Germany?? GERMANY??? The look on Cate's face said it all - what the hell happened to Pan's Labyrinth??
17. Oooh. Beyonce. Honey. When this is all over, please make sure you never get on stage with Jennifer Hudson again. She flat made you look bad. And desperately competing with her didn't help.
18. Seriously, Helen Mirren is SO HOT.
19. I think Gwyneth is past her expiration date. She looks sour.
20. Where's the fashion disaster?? Why does everyone look so classy? Did Bjork's invite get lost in the mail? The only gripeworthy things were so excruciatingly minor. Jennifer Hudson's gown had pockets - POCKETS! - and she wrapped one of those windshield heat reflectors around herself as a jacket; Nicole Kidman is skinny enough to slide right under doors now, which saves her precious time; Kirsten Dunst still has saggy cutlets; Will Ferrell's hair ('nuff said); Jack Nicholson's Daddy Warbucks impression...
21. Speaking of whom - how much do I love that Jack Nicholson enjoys his own company so much? He always looks like he's having an absolute ball.
22. Don't you love that Kate Winslet is suing a magazine for saying she's on a diet? She's so stunning. I'm still hoping that Real Women are becoming the ideal.
23. Be honest. Weren't you thinking maybe a little that it would be hilarious if Scorcese DIDN'T win and they'd trotted these three huge directors out there to give an award to, I don't know, Paul Greengrass? I thought it was obnoxious to have the three of them give the award - why even INVITE the other four nominees if you're going to be THAT presumptuous?
24. Be honest. Weren't you thinking maybe Al really WAS going to announce his bid? Didn't your heart beat just a little faster when he started the fake announcement? I'm holding out hope. (Face it, Hilary can't win and Obama's in over his head. We need a viable candidate that could have a chance at actually winning the ELECTION, not just the nomination.)
25. Speaking of which - there wasn't anything political going on during the ceremony, other than that. Weird. Nice. But weird.

Back with fibery things soon!