Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day, My Lovelies!

Yep, I'm not a huge fan of this one (ugh, Hallmark holidays) but it's a good opportunity for me to say "Hey, thanks for reading my nonsense, much love!"

Hey. Thanks for reading my nonsense. Much love.

(Randomly inserted useful suggestion: Buy yourself something nice from any of your favorite online shops - Paypal's running a nice little refund thing right now, and you have until the end of March to spend the money to get your kickback.)

I leave you with a pretty picture of a statue (artist unknown) that was just "unveiled" (read: plastic removed) in front of the new gargantuan building downtown that houses, among other things, a 12-theatre cineplex. Perhaps someday I'll share my thoughts on having a cineplex in the middle of downtown, amidst the belching congestion, drunk club kids, and eight-dollar parking garages. (Or I can just share my thoughts now: It's stupid.)

Point is: the statue is pretty.

Statue downtown

Oh, and for those of you who bothered to keep reading.........VALENTINE'S CONTEST!!! Hee! (You didn't think I'd show my love and affection just in words, did you??)

What IS This??

What the HELL this THING?? It's a statue torture device phallus structure in the middle of downtown, and it just BUGS me. Tell me what this thing is. Whoever comes up with the answer/story/rant about this thing's insane design that amuses or fascinates me the most will get a skein of some fabulous sock yarn (and there is plenty of fabulous sock yarn - I don't think it likely that I'll knit 70 pair of socks this year.) Let's say by Sunday night. (ETA: I don't want y'all to feel intimidated by someone else's clever answer. You never know what's going to give me the giggles. And if everyone keeps making me laugh like I have been so far, it's probably going to come down to a random number generator may know how terrible I am with decisions.)