Saturday, February 10, 2007

Friday Sky

Orlando's nickname is "The City Beautful". I'm not sure how it beat out all the other beautiful cities for that title...and I'm not entirely sure I agree that it deserves it, especially now that developers are determined to pour concrete in every green space available....BUT - on days like Friday, I can kinda see what they're gettin' at.

The City Beautiful

Fridays the bus gets to work earlier than usual, so I get to leave earlier than usual - I like to walk through the city, stop at the Starbucks for my caramel macchiato, and pick up the bus at the very last stop. Friday I took some photos and kind of noticed my city for the first time in a while. I guess it's not such a bad place.

Last night I finished the first Kill Bill sock.

One Kill Bill down

I tried to knit them tall enough that he can wear them under his motocross boots. Travis loves them - he has slender legs, and these are designed to fit him, not me....for once. I can barely even pull them up over my calves!

I rewarded myself for finishing one of his socks by buckling and starting one of my own:

a reward for the Kill Bill sock

This is the Posh yarn I picked up from The Loopy Ewe. It's 70% merino and 30% cashmere, and is very similar in structure to Socks that Rock. I think they'll wear really well. I was going to knit them into my wedding socks, but I decided I want high socks, so turns out I didn't buy enough of this yarn. (More on my latest plans for that some other time.)

We're going to check out a bellydance show tonight (a good friend/bridesmaid is performing a solo, and I can't wait to see it!) I'll leave you with a portrait of my entire Saturday so far - note the lower right corner, where you can just make out that I'm still in my jammies.

Portrait of a Saturday