Sunday, February 04, 2007

Little To Do With Knitting

First, thank you for your inquiries - all is well here. We were blessedly unscathed in the terrible storms, although we did sleep with the windows open that night and woke up to a howling racket and wet windowsills. Certainly better than many people fared, though.

And I'm not sure if what I'm about to share is related to the storms, or just a super-fun coincidence, but...Saturday night, after going for Thai with a good friend while Travis hung out with some of his buddies, I got home and heard a strange tapping sound while I lounged on the couch watching TV.


I got up to inspect, realized what it was, threw some towels down, and called Travis to come home.

Oh great.

Do you see it? This is the entryway between our living room and dining room, on the first floor, directly below the second floor's guest bathroom. Which means...?


Which means, "Oh shit." The plumber will be here tomorrow morning first thing. Fortunately the home warranty is still in effect. That doesn't make this any less of a pain in the arse, but it DOES make it much less stressful knowing that it's likely whatever the damage is, we won't have to pay for all the repairs. (I say "all" to brace myself for contingencies.)

Ahh, the perils of an 87 year-old home with what we have come to learn were perhaps questionable renovations.

Let's get back to the good news.

I picked up a Valentine's Day gift to me. I love it every bit as much as Scout does - a good knitting bag, that doesn't look like a knitting bag, that goes with everything, that resembles something I might be carrying important work-related items in.....perfeck!

(Speaking of work-related .... I officially start the new job duties tomorrow. Yikes.)

Emily, the genius-woman who's doing the wedding jewelry, finished up my bridal's so stunning and so exactly-what-I-wanted-only-better that I cried when I laid eyes on it. She's really quite brilliant - and everything in her shop is on sale right now. A pair of earrings I got at Christmas has become one of my most favorites, and I just adore her.

Look at this handsome guy:

Penny for your thoughts

I wonder what he's thinking. By the expression, I'm guessing it's profound and beyond my comprehension.

Finally - Travis went out riding today, and Brodie had to survive for an entire four hours stuck in the house with me and no daddy. Oh the upon T's return, there was a love-fest:

Brodie loves daddy One ear up, what what?

What's so funny? My boys

(I love when he puts one ear up like that.)

Back I go to knitting - pausing to look up at the commercials, of course - and trying to ignore the tap-tap-tap sound.

No worries, no worries, no worries......