Thursday, February 01, 2007

If Only I Was Going To The Circus!

Today is AWESOME!!! AWESOME!!!!! It couldn't get any better without monkeys, ponies, and a trapeze!!

First up, it was La Supervisor's birthday, and we had Banana Dream cake from Toojay's, which is almost my most favorite cake ever (hers too).

Being that it's the first day of February, I flipped the page on my faboo theatre posters calendar that my pal at work Jim got for me (we're both big theatre buffs) and it combined two of my mostest favoritest things:


Socks! And musical theatre! Musical theatre and socks! February = good!

Also, I got some photos of my first Monkey sock, which I finished a few days ago.

Monkey #1

To recap, this is Socks That Rock in the "Rooster" "Lucy" colorway. And I must have been high on wool fumes, because I decided to see how they looked with my dress shoes and somehow got it into my head that it was kinda cute.

Monkey #1

It's not cute, I'm sure. If I actually showed up to work like this, I'd get laughed right back onto the elevator.

Then my mom calls. She's been on the phone with Delta trying to book our honeymoon. (I can't remember if I mentioned, but part of her rather extensive and fantastically generous wedding gift to us is our airline tickets - otherwise we were going to be relegated to wherever JetBlue flies for less than $79 each way.) She used the magic "h" word when booking the flight, and we're upgraded to first class!! She had to throw in some more miles to get it, but not nearly as many as they normally charge for a first class flight to Vancouver. Sweeeeeet!!!! I love my mommy!

And I can finally reveal my secret pal, 'cause she got her package today. Knittin' Kninja was my spoilee for this round, and I had a blast spoiling her - even if she does work at a yarn shop, my dream job. She's still a newlywed...and she's gotten some really good news recently!! (wave and grin)

But THEN!!! There was a package in my mailbox - I figured it might be a shipment from one of my clubs, but then I spotted the return label. I'd recently sent some replacement yarn off to Schrodinger - she'd knit a gorgeous hat, Shedir, out of some yarn she won in my contest, and then she dropped the hat and someone had run off with it by the time she went back to look for it. The agony of a handknit lost broke my heart, and I felt I had to do something....and she repaid me times, like, twenty! Or thirty!

First, there was the fantastic poem in the card - which I hope she won't mind me sharing, because I thought it was so clever and priceless:

Great poem

She included one of the best yarns ever:

Brooklyn Handspun in Red Rock

Brooklyn Handspun! In one of the colors that was on my list of finalists! (I take my sock yarn very seriously, okay?) This is the "Red Rock" colorway, and it's so wonderful and not done proper justice here...I did a little better on the close-up:

Closeup Brooklyn Handspun Red Rock

(Man I really want one of those Canon digital SLR cameras....) And do you want to see how easily it fit right in to my Warm Cubby?

Fits right in!

(I divide sock yarn only by major color families - I have a Warm cubby and a Cool cubby. And I have a Cotton cubby, since one of my MVPs is allergic to wool - one of these days I'll knit him a complete pair of socks to justify keeping it all separate.)

AND then there was this little pouch-of-fabulous:

My new commuting WIP bag!

Lookit! It's only the PERFECT red...I can actually take this with me to anything wedding-related to show exactly what red I want. It's small and square and the exact right size for a commuter knitting bag. I'll prove it:


The sock-in-progress and the iPod (currently paused on the Sticks and String podcast) fit just right! I don't have to cart my big ol' bag every day! (I like having my big ol' bag so I'm never without my project book, pattern notes, and little emergency knit guide, plus all the notions that I don't carry in my purse...but truth is, most days I don't need that stuff at all. It's just a crutch.)

Thank you SO MUCH, Schrodinger!!!

Okay, now I'm off to take Travis to dinner; in a rare case of anti-serendipity, he had a really crappy day - other than the whole spiffalicious first-class-upgrade news we got to share - and I want to cheer him up a bit. (Offering him a skein of yarn didn't seem to do it. He's so weird that way. The other night when we were almost asleep and I remembered that I had wanted him to look at my yarn stash and pick out yarn for his Wedding Socks, he seemed less than thrilled about getting up for that. Can you believe it?? Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night JUST so I can go pet the stash.)