Thursday, February 01, 2007

Careful...This Post May Be An Explosive Device



Okay, I get it. I do. If you didn't know what this was, I suppose it could appear somewhat menacing. But to grind an entire city to a hault over a LITE BRITE???

I'm not saying Boston is insane. They have every right to be jumpy....after all, that's where some of the planes originated, and we don't give it much thought anymore as to Boston's end of it, but it had to be a scary day for them - so they're within their rights to be a little....skittish.

But dude, none of the other cities shut down....none of them have demanded jail time and money from a couple of 20-something guys who were just doing their jobs. Maybe it's not the smartest marketing campaign ever, but I think there may be a tinge of over-reaction here.

And maybe it's just because I watch the show, and love the show, and find this image, in lite-brite no less, to be hilarious. It wouldn't scare me because I know what it is.....but in the immortal words of our beloved Wendy: "Just f***in' Google it!!"

Surely there could have been one guy standing around somewhere who could have said, "No, no, dude, it's just a Mooninite."


Today marks the kick-off of Project Spectrum 2! I've participated already (there's blue and black in that Mooninite!)

I don't have any good knitting content right this minute. But here, read this post and laugh at the silly Muggles.