Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Public Service Announcement

It'll start popping up all over blogs - but I'll say it anyway.

Spring Interweave preview is up.

Grumperina socks. Eunny socks. Norah top. Veronik top. Kate sweater. Glampyre top. Lots of goodies. And you know, I actually like several of the staff projects too, which I normally don't consider as must-knits. But they're doing delicate little things, and I think they're rather sweet. I'd normally never knit underwear, but the pale blue silk thong kind of calls out to me as a prime wedding-day-knit candidate. (Besides, Travis already teased me about knitting my wedding-night lingerie....careful what you wish for, buddy!)

Ah, speaking of wedding-day-knit candidates - I found the yarn. In the colors. And while I REALLY wanted to splurge and buy myself some fabulous Manolos or Louboutins for the day, the truth is, as much of a shoe person as I am...I guess I'm more of a sock person now. (Thanks, knitting!) Well, and Travis is only about two inches taller than me at best - so if I go sock-footed, we'll look better than if I wear faboo four-inch stilletos. No one sees under the dress anyway...well, until I start flashing my socks. Which will only be a matter of time.

Now, go, look at the preview!