Sunday, January 21, 2007


Torture update: Yarn Pirate has some really gorgeous fabulous semi-solid sock yarns up in superwash BFL, and I WANT SOME. I will refrain. Please buy some for me. I don't mean buy some and give it to me, but buy some on my behalf, and knit something delicious.

I have thoroughly forgiven myself for the yarn purchase on Saturday. I realized that I really don't have much stashed in the way of garment yarns....I have lots of yarn, but I don't have many bags of one kind of yarn - if I had wanted to knit that blouse I wanted so badly without violating the Stash rules, I would have had to wait until next year. So I guess when I have big projects I want to start, I'll have to break the rules. The only other option is to spin the yarn myself. Uhh. No.

I'm already about halfway done with the back of the eyelet blouse - I knit up a ball of yarn on it yesterday. I want it finished quickly, both so I can wear it and so there's a chance there will still be a ball or two of yarn at the LYS if I run out.

I've also made the decision to rip my Hourglass sweater, even though I'm probably halfway done with the body. Between the Picovoli and the eyelet blouse, I think I've knit enough plain stockinette-based designs already. I think I'll use the yarn for Hourglass to knit the cable-and-bobble (sans bobbles) sweater from this issue of Vogue. It's a variation of Hourglass anyway - same wide boatneck I love, same waist shaping I absolutely require - but with interest.