Thursday, January 11, 2007

Fox In Socks

A lady on Jeopardy last night incorrectly identified Fox in Socks as the Cat in the Hat. Duhhhh. Come on, put me on Jeopardy.

Anyway, point is, I got some pictures of me in socks. (I'm the fox, get it? Heh.) I'm truckin' right along, man....

Here's the first pair of socks I finished in 2007:

Socks '07 #1

They're very shy. (It's a surprise - but I assure you there are socks under there.)

Alright, so I was kinda yankin' you on that one, but I'll show them sooner or later - here's a real finished pair.

Zephyr socks, #2

Project Stats:
Pattern: Domesticat's Zephyr Socks
Yarn: Wool/silk blend from my Secret Pal (yummm)
Needles: Size 2 Crystal Palace DPNs
Time to finish: About four days - I did the first in a single day, and the second I started Sunday and finished Tuesday night
Thoughts on pattern: I didn't change a thing, and I love it - this is a rockin' fast knit, fun and easy to memorize. The only thing I might should have done differently is to use a slightly heavier yarn. But they're still fabulous.

Zephyr socks, #2

Oh, the fit! Maybe a hair snug, but really quite nice. And I have enough yarn left over to knit a pair of anklets.

Zephyr socks, #2

I knitted them as mirror images, as suggested. So clever.

Zephyr socks, #2

Whaddya think those jackhole bankers who didn't believe in the concept of a sock yarn club would think of a girl who shaves her legs to take pictures of a couple of socks? (It was half past 'bout time anyway....but it's always a good motivator.)

And I am tellin' you ....wait, hang on ....



Sorry. I needed a moment to burst into a short chorus of "And I Am Tellin' You (I'm Not Goin')". I only look like a regular ol' white girl.**

So anyway, as I was about to say - I'm telling you, I love commuting. Yes. Bold love. I cast on for this sock on Tuesday night:

4x2 rib socks

And I'm almost done. The bus rocks my socks....rather literally. This is All Things Heather sock yarn in Charcoal, and it's beyond squishtastic.

Knit on!

**No, really. A few years ago, a local community theatre put up a production of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. There weren't really any roles I would have liked to play that I was right for, but on a hunch, I showed up to audition. Sure enough, the right type didn't come in for the role of Jewel, the house's soft-spoken matronly housekeeper, and I was cast. I was dying for her number - a big raunchy throaty song that would be right up Aretha's alley. My reviews were the best of my career, and I actually got recognized on the's still one of my favorite roles on my resume. And not one of the reviewers even mentioned that I was the wrong age, size, and race for the part. So I choose to cling to the possibility that I COULD one day play Effie in Dreamgirls.