Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Because I Need One More Thing To Keep Track Of...

This all ends up going somewhere...wait for it...

So 2006 was the hottest year on record, with temperatures more than two degrees higher than average.

Global warming deniers unite!

Well, my little town (Orlando still acts like it's not a part of the problem) has finally decided to implement a bit of 50 year-old technology to help alleviate the traffic, congestion, and fuel consumption problems. FINALLY.

Trains? 21st century mass transit solutions? That monorail they keep talking about and even budgeted for but will never actually happen? No way.

Clermont Bus

Park and Ride. Hey, I'll take it.

The bus system is alive and well in the major metro area - and you wouldn't want to set foot on it - but there was a big old one-finger-salute to all the outlying area commuters for years. My almost three year-old Prius has almost 70,000 miles on it, thanks to my 70-mile daily round-trip commute. The $4.00 in tolls isn't the greatest either...

I haven't really ridden a bus since high school. But there are a lot of upshots to this one. Saving gas, and wear-and-tear on my car, and avoiding traffic, and helping save the planet....those are all decent reasons for me to take the bus to work and back.

But the REAL reason I decided to give it a shot? Two extra hours of knitting time a DAY, baby! WHOOOOOO!

Clermont Bus with Me

There I am! Ya see me? I'm lovin' it! I'm ROCKIN' the commuter knitting, dude - I'm going to be turning socks out like Wendy now!

This has given me an idea for my Theme of 2007. This is the year when all sorts of fun new things are going to be happening for me - not the least of which will be marriage - and I've accomplished so much already, what with the stash commitment and the Project Spectrum and the clubs and finishing things and whatever else might be going on in my regular ol' life that doesn't have to do with knitting...

I hereby declare 2007 "The Year of the Trying of New Stuff"!! To that end, I implement....


I'm gonna try new stuff as much as possible, and once a week I will attempt to chronicle the stuff. Hopefully it will be interesting...and more often than not, it may be yarny. And hey, feel free to join in with me in the trying of and trumpeting of the joy of new stuff!

If 2006 was the year of truthiness, then 2007 is the year of newiness!