Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My Plans For 2007

Let me wrap up 2006 first. Remember Susan, the non-knitting coworker with a wicked good eye for gifts?


There's a bag of something....see it? Right there next to the might-as-well-rip-it-all WIP basket? Let's see if we can get a closer look....

Fiber goodies!

Oooh...kind of a big bag....what's that, maybe a pound? Something fluffy? Maybe fiberlicious? (To you and me, anyway - a coworker asked me if I was carrying around dead cats in a bag.)


Lookit! It's a wool/llama blend, a whole POUND of it. (Or it's a whole pound of wool/alpaca blend...we're not sure.) Either way, it's yummy - straight off the animals, carded - it still smells a bit of sheep and hay (both of which are scents I just adore) and there's plenty for a sweater...if I can stop picking it up and sniffing it long enough to spin it. I'm thinking a nice zippered cardigan for Travis. Maybe that one from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, with a contrasting zipper.


Definitely in red....maybe with a red motif somewhere, either tribal armbands or a sun on the center back of the neck? I don't know, I'll play with it...

Susan rules. (Did I mention she's doing my bouquets for the wedding? Susan double-rules.)



There's a wedding, and - God willing - a honeymoon. Seems like a good year to commit to that insane stupid Knit from Your Stash virus that's going around. I'd normally shun the idea as hopelessly doomed from the start, but since there's a few little safeguards built in - sock yarn, fiber - I can probably make it. Besides....



...it's not like I could run out of yarn. (The trunk is full to the brim with nothing but spinning fiber and bulk yarn, the skeins I have enough of to make garments. Oh, and that thing you see on the left is my new felting kit, a Christmas gift from Mom. I'm anxious to try that out, too.)

I'll still buy yarn as gifts, and for projects that are gifts. I'm even going to try - though I'm not making any promises - to avoid sock yarn and fiber. I'm signed up for the Socks That Rock Club, and The Sweet Sheep's fiber club - so I'll still get new stuff periodically.

As an extra incentive to knit, knit, knit, I've joined in on Project Spectrum 2. We're supposed to be extra-crafty and think outside the box - but I'll be knitting soundly in my little box, thank you. Probably socks. Lots and lots of socks.


Shouldn't be a problem.

I'm almost finished with my second pair of socks of the year though! Too bad I'm not knitting anything but socks....but I'm on a kick!

Hey, check this one out too:

All Four Spotted!

I don't think I've ever secured all four of our pets in one photo! Poor Brodie - he always wants to play so badly, and Rooster always just looks at him with that, "Uhhh, how about no," stare.

"Wanna Play?"  "Wanna Die?"

There's something vaguely reminiscent of Wednesday Addams in the face Rooster's giving here. Like, "Yes. I know the perfect game. It's called Guillotine. Come with me."