Tuesday, January 16, 2007

No Commuting = No Knitting

Four day weekends are fabulous, but they make for surprisingly little knitting.

(Okay, it was a three-day weekend, but I'm working from home today, and as far as I'm concerned, if you can spend the day in your jammies, it's a weekend. Even if you have to work.)

I received this really wonderful prize yarn from Rosi, but I have yet to be able to manage a good accurately colored photo of it. It's a very elusive bit of yumminess....

Oh, I know why I didn't get any knitting done this weekend - I was spinning up a storm. The close of Secret Pal 9 is almost upon us, and I have to finish my pal's lace sock yarn. (I was shooting for sock, but I'm getting awfully close to lace. 275 yards in 50 grams...it's really pushing it, but if she wanted to use 0 needles, it'd be okay...)

I did start a new home-sock. (My travel knitting is socks, my home knitting is socks - I should probably try breaking out of this rut...) It's Cookie's Monkey sock from the Winter Knitty, and it's in Socks That Rock's Lucy colorway. (I figured I better try out the yarn, since I'm already committed to the sock club.)

Lucy in progress

Yeah, we're in the heart of Pool City. But I actually really like it pooled up like this.

Lucy in progress

And I'll tell you why:

Lucy in....hey, what's that?

Because it looks more like what it's supposed to look like when it's all pooled. Rooster keeps curling up with this sock when I'm not knitting on it - I think he knows it's his. (Sorry he's blurry here - he was wiggling around trying to get me to pet him with my sock hand.)

Wanna know what's super-strange? My awesome Secret Pal spoiler, Adelle, is knitting the SAME SOCK in the SAME YARN. (Cue the Twilight Zone theme.) We have an awful lot in common - but man, that's just bizarre.

(And yet, hers looks totally different - isn't it just too strange how that works?)

Finally - I'm destashing yet again. Want any stuff?